29+ seasonal activities for advent calendars - Bubbablue and me

29 seasonal activities for an advent calendar

Last year N had a treat and had a Lego advent calendar, but I’m tight so wasn’t going to buy another one.  He also had a fabric calendar  that I filled with chocolate coins and slips of paper with activities on.

29+ seasonal activities for advent calendars - Bubbablue and me

This year, I planned to do the same fabric advent calendar.   We did discuss advent again…because N needs to understand the run up, that it’s the preparation for Christmas, and not Christmas already arriving.  N decided he wanted another Lego calendar (I’m amazed that he remembered it a whole year later), so I had to explain that they cost a lot of money, and that he has the Lego from last year in his collection.

He’s quite into having candles lit at the moment so I explained that when he’s older we might be able to have an advent candle as well.  But for now, we’re sticking with what we have.

Before I started my diet, I’d got through 2 nets of chocolate coins I’d bought for advent, but the latter 2 packs were still where I’d put them.  So the day before I popped one in each pocket.

Then it was time to write the activities.

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I tracked down pretty Christmassy colours papers and card, chopped them into strips, and got writing.

I tend to include all the events N is doing.  This is a bit of a cheat because he’s doing them anyway, but I think it’s good for him to know what he’s doing each day.  The rest are small activities, mostly they can be done at home because we’re at work and school which doesn’t leave much time for other activities.  The great thing about these activity strips is that they’re adaptable to this child or family.

29+ seasonal activities for advent calendars

If you’re short of ideas, you can download my 29 festive activities printable as a starting point.  I’ve also added in some ideas for the adults too.

What sort of advent calendars do your children have?  What other activities do you do over Christmas?


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