Toddlers and advent calendars

Bizarrely, N seems to be going in reverse in terms of his interest in Christmas.

A month or so ago he was pulling out his Christmas books with Father Christmas in and enjoying reading them, but now it’s December it’s like he’s forgotten about those.

Even his advent calendar isn’t as exciting to him as I thought it might have been.

A couple of years ago I managed to pick up a bargain Lakeland fabric calendar in the sale.  I had seen lots on Pinterest that I fancied making (especially loving the little socks idea!), but of course time ran away with me, so I thought this would be a good interim.  Last year I put in little tasks as well as chocolate, but this year it’s too manic with visiting my mum daily to actually spend time with N in the evening after work.

So this year it’s just chocolate.

I thought N would get excited about this especially as he doesn’t have chocolate very often, but 3 days in and I’m still having to ask him whether he wants to open his advent calendar for the day.  Day 1 was more like I expected, with him trying to reach the bottom pockets while I wasn’t looking.  I suppose I was too stern in telling him not to steal any of the other chocolates otherwise I’d hang the calendar higher where he couldn’t get it!  Oops.

We also have a Father Christmas where you turn round the number blocks to countdown to Christmas.  N hates this for some reason.  No idea why, but he keep removing the blocks and saying ‘no, don’t want them’.  Next thing I turn round and he’s trying to cram in his own letter blocks which don’t fit.

Maybe I need to get the nativity set out, and possibly put up the tree this weekend so he might get a bit more excited.

Do you have children who aren’t interested in advent calendars?

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  1. I suppose it’s a stage, ignoring the approaching Christmas, I wouldn’t be too worried if I were you :-). Or maybe as a boy he needs some “boys things” introduced in the celebrations. Emma always tells me “boys like superheroes, mummy!” so maybe make a big fuss over Jesus as a superhero or something :-).xx

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