driving the car like postman pat

Postman Pat has multiplied

I’m trying to avoid N getting too caught up on characters at the moment.  He’s obsessed with Peppa Pig (damn that pig), even before he’d seen the show, and is a fan of Thomas the Tank Engine books (and occasionally the show).  It’s terrible how young children get hooked so easily onto a tv programme, however good it is.

N knows who Postman Pat is – he’s seen one tv programme and we’ve read a couple of the books that he’s chosen from the library, but that’s as far as it’s gone.  I suppose postmen aren’t that exciting when you don’t have a letterbox in the front door, and all the post gets delivered to the farm and then brought over by his dad.  So he never sees the post delivered to us.

But the other day, we went out around 8.30 in the morning, heading towards town, and we saw post vans everywhere.  I’ve never seen so many outside of a sorting office.  We also saw postmen delivering to houses, and on bikes, so N loved doing the spotting and shouting out ‘Postman Pat’ or ‘There’s Postman Pat’s van’.

Everyone was called Postman Pat.  He wasn’t having any of it when I tried to say that they weren’t all called Pat.  Nope, they were all Postman Pat. 

Good job there wasn’t a postwoman otherwise he might have been a bit confused, even though her name may have been Pat.

Sod train spotting, it’s all about Postman Pat spotting for N.  Nothing like a bit of light hearted toddler games for an early morning journey.

toddler driving a car in sunglasses
Driving like Postman Pat…to London

Are your children (or were they) obsessed by tv characters?  Do you like them or not?


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  1. Peppa pig was our absolute favourite for years. We have Sky + and the children figured out how to set it to series linkm. They could wath it on a loop all day quite happily and actually, I quite like it!
    Same can’t be said for any of the others – I hated kids TV until they were old enough for Horrible Histories 🙂

    1. Ooh I love horrible histories. I can’t wait until N’s old enough for that. I think it’s a brilliant idea to get children to remember facts.

  2. Monkey loves Postman Pat, and we have posties in our ancestry so I quite like that. He adores our post lady and she is brilliant with him. Fireman Sam is another big hit here, Thomas – yes he likes them all. I don’t have a problem if it’s teaching Monkey about responsible jobs, looking after others etc. It’s when you get to In the Night Garden that I totally draw the line. No, no no!

    1. Good point about the good role models. I’m with you. I hate characters and show where they don’t talk properly. Really winds me up. Thankfully N’s never been keen on In the Night Garden or similar.

  3. Oh Emma I am the exact same. I have never had postman pat, peppa pig or thomas on in this ever but yet both of my kids are absolutely hooked on the characters. Even my almost 1 year old who has never heard of peppa pig but got three for her birthday presents and now she is attached to them. Everywhere we go Buba shouts Thomas the train. We haven’t seen them ever so I have no idea where it comes from. Crazy. A book here or someone house there. They pick it all up. Buba is really bad about the disney cars little die cast. We have almost all of them as we used them for potty training bribery. I know bad mother of the year here but nothing was working. So I can relate to this so much .Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me. Love your posts and your continual support. #sharewithme

    1. It is madness. I think a lot of it’s from nursery and other friends. Plus of course when you’re shopping, those are the toys that are in their faces.

      I’m all for bribery. N had a button jar that led to a Tractor Ted dvd…he earned 3. Plus a Gruffalo and Gruffalo’s Child soft toy. I think if they love something enough, it does work as rewards. N’s not that fussed, but we managed to find something that worked.

  4. Yep! We’re Peppa mad in this house, despite only ever putting Cbeebies on the tv! He’s absorbed a love of that damn pig by osmosis. 🙂

    1. Same as us. He’s only just been into tv the last 7 months or so, but loves Peter Rabbit. I don’t mind that as it’s quite sweet and funny. But now I’ve recorded a few Peppa’s. I’m going to mysteriously delete them soon.

  5. My son loves Postman Pat and delights in spotting Pat vans-in fact his pushchair has become a delivery van on many occasions! He likes Thomas too but hasn’t seen any episodes. It’s funny how they’re drawn to things isn’t it, even without the lure of TV 🙂

    1. You’re right. Even before he’d seen a Peppa Pig at home, he would always go directly to those books in a book shop, picking them out amongst all the others. I then realised he must have seen it at my sister in law’s house when she used to look after him. Either that, or other children at nursery are bringing in characters or books from home.

  6. It is Peppa Pig or Ben and Holly in our house. I think they must have some subliminal messages that make children addicted to them!
    I remember Postman Pat from when I was a child, so he can’t be that bad 🙂

    1. I reckon so. Peppa Pig especially. Ben & Holly he doesn’t know/hasn’t been interested in…except for the pay/ride on ride in the shopping centre (double the price of the Postman Pat one!)

    1. I don’t think many people know their postie’s name. Guess lots of people are at work when they come round. My mum’s was a woman, really nice and helpful for my mum when she was ill. She even went to visit her in the hospice.

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