Chatterbox or contemplative child

It astounds me how much N chats.  He really is a chatty boy, and that’s great (although hard on the ears sometimes).

Thankfully he doesn’t always talk at top volume, but it is incessant.  I definitely believe that the amount he jabbers on (and as he has done from June) has helped with him overcoming his tongue tie.

He must get it from myself, as his dad really isn’t a chatty type.

This evening has been madness.  His dad had to pick him up from nursery as I’d missed my train from London and wasn’t going to get back on time.  I walked in the door to N running over shouting out ‘mummy, mummy’, and he’s not stopped chatting since.

The only thing he’s not so keen to talking about is what he does at nursery.  I always know what he’s been up to to a certain point, because I’d have had a handover on picking him up.  But the OH never asks, just grabs him, signs him out and off they go.

I always try and ask what’s he did at nursery, who did he play with, and if they went outside.  I never get much of an answer, even with prompts.  It’s usually ‘nothing’, ‘noone’ and ‘no’, even though I know certain days they have different peripatetic ‘teachers’ in to do various activities with them.

I have no idea what he has to talk about all the time.  Mostly it’s just chatting about whatever he’s doing at the time.  We have commentary on anything we’re doing – swimming, shopping, driving, where we’re going.  He’ll chat to anyone (once he’s used to them and worked out that they’re ok).  And just recently we’ve had him confirming what his thoughts are in answering questions.



‘I are’ is a current favourite, rather than I am, or I do.

He’s still not got to ‘why?’, preferring ‘what’s that?’.  I’m wondering what it’s going to be like once he gets to ‘why?’, but one thing’s for sure, I don’t think he’s going to be shutting up anytime soon.

Do you have chatterbox children, or are they quieter and more contemplative?

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    1. It’s definitely better having a child that chats. Hopefully it’ll help N out with school as I know I was ever so quiet and shy, and the OH’s like that too.

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