Thankfully we’ve got no more injections now until 3 1/2 years old.  Yesterday it was N’s 12/13 month jabs – boosters and his MMR.  I had no worries about him having the MMR as some parents have in the past.  With his second set of jabs back in March-ish time, he wasn’t very well after, but I think it actually coincided with him being ill anyway rather than being the impact of the jabs.  So I was fairly confident that he’d be fine after these ones.

Mmm, well so far there’s no swollen raised lump round the jab mark, and he hasn’t had a temperature which the nurse said he may have had last night.  But crikey, he’s been grouchy today.  So gutting having a grouchy baby when you’ve only got limited time to spend with him – you want weekends to be full of fun & laughter.

There is a hope that it’s teething (he seems to constantly be dribbling & chewing, he’s had a cold/bad nappy incident which usually occurs for him 3 weeks before the new tooth arrives), although I’m just hoping he’s back to his cheery self tomorrow as we’ve got our joint 1st birthday celebrations.

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