stomping on bubbles

Weekend fun with friends and animals

This weekend was fairly jam packed.  I’ll be adding further posts on some of our escapades but here’s just a snapshot.

During school holidays when nursery school isn’t on, I usually increase his days at the day nursery, but I’d taken a day off on Friday.  A bit of last minute planning, and we tagged along with 2 friends from nursery Stratford for some play.

We had an eventful playground experience, but here’s the boys waiting patiently for their go on a ‘digger seat’.  They’re so sweet together, and it’s lovely to see N making his own friends at nursery.  In this case, it’s a bonus that us mums are friends too from when we started at Water Babies when they were 3 months old.

waiting for their go at the park

I remembered to take my compact camera with me (my phone battery never lasts well when I take too many photos), so I can zoom in a lot closer through the crowds.  These swings were brilliant as they could get on them themselves…just not get them moving!

Saturday I’d promised a quieter day as I thought N would want to go out and work on the farm with his dad.  Turned out he couldn’t for most of the day, but we did go swimming in the morning as his usual lessons were off for half term.  N always looks like he’s a man on a mission – complete with woggle and Trunki Paddlepak.  I think he looks so much more grown up here all of a sudden.

en route to swimming

Inspired by Monkey over at Over 40 and Mum of One with his bubble machine, we got some bubble equipment that would be easier for N than normal blowing bubbles.  I took masses of photos but am still sorting through them.  I never realised how hard it is to take photos while trying to waft bubbles at the same time.

stomping on bubbles

After our bubbles, Sunday was exploring, and I decided to make the most of our new National Trust membership  by heading over to Stowe.  N loved this den that had been built on the long walk to the park.

Stowe branch woooden den

What did you get up to this weekend?

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  1. Thanks for the mention, it’s certainly easier now Monkey can control his own bubble machine! So gutted we missed you guys at Stowe – one second you were there and the next I couldn’t see you at all. Never mind. We went to the cinema for the first time to see Postman Pat on Saturday and Stowe on Sunday. We spotted loads of different species of trees and have leaves being pressed at the moment for a nature book.

    1. Maybe next time we’ll have to organise something. Must get over to Bicester some time soon to visit another friend, so when I’ve got some possible dates, I’ll drop you a line too. I’m all for combining visits!

  2. That looks like a fun weekend, I love the picture of him with that GIANT woggle!!
    Thanks for joining in with Point + Shoot xx

  3. My son just recently got himself a best friend and I would want for them to go out together. I can already see them having fun together like you son in the photo! I love his smiles =) #LivingArrows

    1. It’s so nice when they find a friend off their own back, rather than via parents. Bit of a fluke with this friendship as we started swimming originally, but just so happened that they’ve joined up as friends at nursery separately to us parents.

  4. Love all the poses. So photogenic. Made me giggle at his arms on his hips. lol Great round of photos this week. Love seeing all the kids growing up in photos each week. it shows you just how fast they do it. Time seems to never slow down. Lovely post. #livingarrows

    1. Yes, the hands on hips is a favourite pose currently. I agree on time whizzing by. The older we get, the faster it seems to go.

  5. That den looks cool, we are hoping to get a NT membership next year when the boys are a bit older, I’ve heard such good things about them. Love that picture of him going swimming, very cute!

    1. If you’ve got a few places near you (or go away a lot), it’s definitely worth getting. N is free, so I only had to pay for me as the OH is never out with us.

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