Oxford walks - Bubbablue and me

Oxford walks – Holywell and Botanic Gardens

It’s not often I get the chance (and excuse) to go out with my camera and just roam without having an agenda.  But when my car is in for service, it’s a perfect excuse as N never wants to come with me. Unfortunately I hadn’t realised that my day in Oxford coincided with the global instawalk, otherwise I’d have tagged along with the Oxford instawalk gang.

Oxford walks - Bubbablue and me

Being lazy I decided against taking my mirrorless camera.  A slight mistake as it was such a bright sunny morning I did struggle without my viewfinder and just using my phone. But it was lovely to just amble around the city in whichever direction I fancied, early enough that most of the tourists weren’t out in force.

My personal photography walk took me down George Street, left into New Inn Hall Street to capture the bike shop front in St Michael’s Street.  Then straight over to Ship Street, left onto Turl Street and onto Broad Street where there are plenty of pretty and imposing buildings.  What I love about photography is that it really makes you notice so much more around you.  I lived in Oxford for 3.5 years and have known the city since I was about 8 years old, but I still see something new every time I visit.

tree surrounded door new inn hall street

bike shop front in Oxford

Ship street oxford

view from broad street oxford

Blackwells frontage Oxford

A walk past the Sheldonian Theatre and peeking into the Bodleian Library courtyards, then along a very quiet Holywell Street. I don’t think I’ve ever walked all the way down, but there’s some really pretty houses and no cars.  It’s also bliss because the millions of buses in Oxford can’t go down there either.

sheldonian theatre oxford

turf street oxford

pastel houses in holywell street

holywell street b&b

I couldn’t work out how to get into Magdalen Grove to see the Deer Park, so headed back to the High Street via Longwall Street.

longwall street shutters

At the High Street turning left headed towards Magdalen Bridge to watch them emptying the water from the punts ready for customers.  It’s always a lovely sight to see in the sun.

punts on the river in oxford

With the end of the summer coming to a close, I decided the Botanic Gardens were due a visit. Because I can’t resist photographing flowers.

There weren’t too many people around so it was lovely to spend some time walking around and exploring.  For anyone into gardening or medicinal plants, there’s plenty of information to learn as well as enjoying the landscapes and calm within the city.

secluded bench at botanic gardens oxford

water fountain at botanic gardens

yellow orange flower in botanic gardens

view from botanic gardens

red flower in botanic gardns

raindrops on leaves

pond in botanic gardens oxford

pale green dahlia

ball flowers in botanic gardens

botanic gardens in oxford

cabbages growing in botanic gardens

preening swan

punts under magdalen bridge

I didn’t stay long because I wanted to have a quick look in a couple of shops before picking up my car, but there were people sitting on benches who looked like they were settled in for the long haul with books and newspaper.  So I ended up back up the High Street and into the centre again.

shop fronts in high street oxford

If you’re in Oxford for a visit there are great sights to see.  I’d not realised that the day I was there was on Open Doors weekend where lots of historic sites open for free to the public.  I didn’t have time to see any this time, but last year went on a tour round the Town Hall which I’d definitely recommend.

You can see the route I took below (minus the high street to the bus stop).

Do you have any favourite Oxford walks? Do you just get out and about to take in the sights?


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  1. I’ve only visited Oxford once so many years ago that I can barely remember it. I’ve always wanted to go back, it looks gorgeous! #sharingthebloglove

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