toddler in stripy bright jumper digging in muddy patch next to a fence

Project 365: photo a day week 22

Yet again, I’m late linking up with my Project 365 round up for this week: week 22.

Sunday, I took N to the Cotswold Farm Park.  He wasn’t really that interested in the animals (well, maybe the goats), but just wanted to run around, and play in the play areas. He had a great time, and this was one of the shots I took as he kept running away, while shouting ‘I’m hungry’.  No surprise as he’s always hungry.

Bank holiday Monday and we visited Kenilworth Castle.  Somewhere I’d not been since a child, but I really liked it and it was great for children.  Compact so less tiring for little legs than somewhere like Warwick Castle, and lots of ruins to climb on which N loved.  He’s really into physical things at the moment, so lots of climbing and running.

exploring ruins at kenilworth castle

I was a bit poor on photos on Tuesday.  I’m finding that I tend to either take loads of photos on one or two days, and then the other days I’m struggling as they’re just every day living, and by the time I remember, the light often isn’t great.  This was a late photo for the day, but it’s a classic N shot at the moment.  A spot of relaxation watching (probably) Tractor Ted, and taking various tractors with him.  He’s really getting realistic with his tractor play now.  Whatever his dad’s been doing on the farm, that’s what he acts out with his vehicles…ploughing, fertilising, mowing, sileaging.  Anything and everything.

toddler sitting on orange comfy chair with toy tractor next to him on the chair arm

Wednesday saw me getting a bit annoyed, yet again, with the post office.  Usually on a lunch time the main one in town’s not very busy when I go in.  Last time I didn’t have to queue at all (although the one person who could do driving licences that day, wasn’t in when I was there which was annoying); this time the queue was almost out of the door for counter service.  There was also a queue for the new self service part.  What’s ridiculous is that they only ever have 1 or 2 counters open at lunchtimes, and now with most over the counter services being much longer than a stamp or posting an item as they’re moving to self service, you end up queuing for so much longer.

Thursday saw us planting out our 3 sunflowers we’ve grown. I’m definitely not a gardener, but it was time to put them out.  We had no canes (Grampy was using them for his sweet peas), so had to improvise with some twigs until we got some.  N was keen on digging…the thought of it but he wasn’t very good at digging where I told him to.  Think he needs a bit of practice.  What’s strange, is that we planted 3 out…then I go out 2 days later, to find only 1 left.  Where the other 2 plants have gone I’ve no idea, as the twigs with the string round were still there, but there were no plants, on the ground, wilted or otherwise.  If the dogs have had them I won’t be pleased!  Total mystery as the ground didn’t look like it had been disturbed either.

I took Friday off as holiday because N’s nursery school was off for half term, and we were invited to join his best friend from there and another boy from nursery who were going to Stratford for the afternoon.  I’m still going to write up a post about it, but they spent a good long time in the playground there…with all 3 of them having a couple of goes on the zipwire.  I wasn’t sure if N would hold on, but they all did and loved it.  Little boy after my own heart, as I’d love him to like fairground rides and theme parks, while the OH hates them.

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  1. Looks like a busy week! I hate post office queues. Or any queues, I am so impatient! The castle looks like good fun to roam around! x

    1. I’m with you on queues. At least the PO only has one, so you don’t get tempted to move between queues to get ahead.

  2. Looks like he had lots of fun lol. I am looking forward to doing stuff like this with my grandson who arrives this month!

  3. Loved reading this round up, and the photos are beautiful! I know what you mean about some days being uneventful for taking pics, but with kids, there’s always a memorable moment you can capture 🙂

    1. Thanks for your kind comments Tarana. I agree about all the goings on with children. Although I have to admit I do need to clear out all the duplicates over the last 3 years at some point!

    1. It’s a bit of a busman’s holiday for him, so I shouldn’t be surprised really, although I was expecting him to show some interest in getting up a bit closer.

  4. Popped over to have a nosey from the #project365 linky 🙂 My nephew is the same, always hungry! Maybe it’s ‘cos they are boys!! Our local post office is the same….:)

    1. Drives me insane with his eating. Glad it’s only mine. He does have a break in the afternoons, but mornings – he’d eat all morning if given the chance. I am a bit worried about teenage years and the amount he might eat then

      Thanks for stopping by,

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