overhead paddling pool shot

Project 52 2020 week 33 – paddling pool

The week started off very hot and ended wet and misty, thankfully a bit cooler. We needed rain as harvest is done and they’re now drilling the fields, so it was good. We only had 1 short thunderstorm.

I’ve had a week off this week again, but we’ve not done much or gone anywhere. N told me he was having a good summer holiday (strange child), even though we’re doing nothing. He’s happy enough to be at home or on the farm. It’s obviously just me that sad and bored with not being away gallavanting around the country like we’d usually be doing.

Here’s our week 33 of Project 52.

On Sunday, we didn’t do much. N had the junior tennis club session and enjoyed it. They just practice informally with club reps – and then usually spend half the session playing wipe out which they all love. I made some carrot cake fudge which turned out quite nicely. I do like a bit of warm spice hint to chocolate fudge.

Monday, we mooched around at home. I got out the sewing machine and finished off my supply of reusable make up remover pads, and made myself a fabric ‘basket’ to put them in too. I’m pretty pleased with myself for all the sewing I’ve done. N did a bit of lego.

On Tuesday, it was sweltering. We were waiting around for the oven repair man before nipping out to the shops, but he arrived outside of our slot so we didn’t have time before the butcher closed. But the repair man fixed the oven in 10 minutes at over £100 cost! Frustrating because I’m sure the OH could have changed the element if he could tell me what the oven model was to order one. It was worth the cost to have a working oven again. It meant we could turn off the aga.

N had coaching at the tennis club. There were meant to be a few older children there, but none turned up, so there were only 5 of them. N was with 2 girls who’re in a lower level than him, so the coach gave N harder drills to do.

We had an hour long thunderstorm, although not much rain during that time.

Wednesday was another hot day. We went to town to stock up on meat at the butchers, then we went to Hobbycraft. I wanted some fabric as I’ve struggled to find fat quarter bundles online as people are buying lots for mask making. I picked up a few, but not really in the colours I wanted. I want to make some bunting so wanted red and blue, or maybe some ditsy pastel colours. I’ll have to buy by the metre instead. N had been going on about having a McDonalds this holiday, so we went to one of the drive throughs. N was so excited even though we were eating in the car.

One of my photos of a ‘mushroom’ looking cloud before the storms was used on our local paper’s website.

N spent the afternoon playing in the paddling pool. We fashioned a tarp cover to go over it in the hope of stopping the dogs going in it. They have a spare water trough in the farmhouse garden for them to play in and cool off in. The labrador loves it. Since then, it’s basically rained on and off.

On Thursday the rain held off for N’s tennis private. It was a hard session with him being taught how to take the ball at shoulder height and earlier. It’s going to take some work, but will really help when he’s playing taller people or adults. As a treat, we had a Costa drive through. Our first time, there was a bit of a queue, but it was a good service, and it was nice to have a Frostino again. Five minutes after we arrived home, it started raining.

Friday was just a day at home with not much on. I went out to help N walk the puppy in the afternoon. She’s now staying when asked and comes really nicely. Even though it was cooler, she couldn’t resist the water trough again. She does love water, unlike the german shepherd puppy. N’s tennis was cancelled due to the potential thunderstorm. Frustrating because yet again it was cancelled by the coach who isn’t usually there, lives some way away, and it turned out to be a lovely day. The session will be on catch up, but it needn’t have been cancelled as the rain % was only low.

On Saturday it was another lazy day. We played a game we’d been sent to review. After lunch we organised a quick tennis game for N with his friend. They only played tennis for a bit, then decided they wanted to play at the park. Us mums were able to have a good catch up having not spoken since March. They played as it started raining, but were put off a bit by some older children who came into the playground and started swearing a lot. The boys wanted to get something from the shop, and we were preparing for them in terms of the social distancing layout and rules in the shop but there was too big a queue to be hanging around.

overhead paddling pool shot

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  1. We still haven;t had a thunderstorm here, much to my frustration – I love them. Such a shame your oven cost so much to fix!!

  2. Great that harvest wasn’t disrupted. It’s rained here a lot this week. oOoo Carrot cake and chocolate fudge. It’s a shame you couldn’t get the fabrics you wanted. It’s great that N is learning to play with taller people so he can keep on improving.

  3. Urgh about the oven. But it must be nice to have it up and running again. I am very impressed with all your sewing. I think I will be getting my machine out if we end up looking back down again. Sounds like Ns had a great week of tennis apart from the cancellation. Pool looks fab

  4. Lovely full week of tennis for N, must be frustrating to have had a session cancelled though. Jeez that cooker repair was expensive, but I often find just getting something fixed is easier than waiting for a certain other to get on with the job. Glad you had a good meet with with the other mums while N played in the park

  5. My kids seem to be content staying at home now too! I am the one itching to get out and about.

    The pool looks nice and cool! I keep asking Bee if she wants hers but she doesn’t like it as it gets filled with bugs!

  6. It’s nice to be able to cool off in the paddling pool. We don’t have one this year and we have kind of missed it. Sorry to hear tennis was cancelled, the weather seems so up and down at the moment, it never knows what its doing.

    1. It looks like there might be a new coach again in September (again), but we’re hoping we might get a team out again for the first time in ages. If not now (they need 4 players which is high) nxt age group it’s only 2. Much easier!

  7. The paddling pool looks a good size and is a great way to cool down. Can you send some sunshine our way? Such a shame N is not getting as much challenge out of his tennis as he would hope for. Lovely to catch up with friends x

  8. It sounds like a good week of tennis again, but annoying to have a session cancelled on the basis of a weather forecast. I can totally see why N is having a good summer holiday. My kids are always happy doing not a lot too. It must be a relief to have your oven fixed!

    1. I think this summer is more like the summers we had as children, but minus all the kids piling out on the green to play day in day out. He doesn’t get that as we’re not in the village.

  9. the paddling pool looks a good size and is a great way to cool down.
    Shame he is not getting as much challenge out of his tennis as he would hope for, though I suppose it benefits the younger children playing with him but that is not what you pay for.
    How lovely to catch up with a friend each again

  10. We’ve had a week of mixed weather too, with storms and drizzle plus hot weather in between. It’s so hard to plan ahead ! I’m glad your son is enjoying the holidays, even if it’s not what you had planned ! Good to hear your oven is now working again, especially in this heat !

  11. It has been misty and wet here today and it was needed. I am not good in the heat.
    Ugh! That sounds very frustrating about the oven repair.
    I am glad you got the paddling pool. Your boy looks very happy in it. x

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