Wasgij Original 23 bake off

Wasgij Original 23 – The Bake Off puzzle solution

The creators of Wasgij puzzles certainly have a comedic slant. My recent puzzle I did was the Wasgij Original 23 The Bake Off and it did make me laugh with the little details once it was done.

The setting is a baking competition at a country fair where the judges are looking forward to seeing what the contestants have been baking for them. To solve the puzzle you need to imagine what one of the characters is seeing. The Original puzzles can be the hardest of the Wasgij ranges to get your head around because none of the puzzle is in the same place as with the box image. They do include some clues.

Wasgij Original 23 bake off

With this Wasgij puzzle, there are quite a few easier sections of outfits and cakes, so it takes shape quite easily. Using my method of sorting by colours and people worked well as usual (you can find out more about solving Wasgij puzzles on my post explaining the steps to work through).

There are some interesting bakes to see in the puzzle solution, and the names of the contestants are clever. Sue Fle, Victoria Sponge etc.

If you want to check out the Bake Off puzzle solution, just scroll down.

I use the method I describe in my step by step guide to completing a Wasgij, to do my puzzles. And if you’re after helpful puzzle accessories like sorters or a puzzle board, check out my puzzle accessories post too.

Wasgij Original 23 bake off solution

Which is your favourite Wasgij?

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