rays of sun at orange sunset over fields

Project 52 2020 week 32 – sunset rays

Week 32 of the year and after a week off I was back to work. N mostly spent the time loitering around rather than always out on the farm like he would do if I was in the office. Frustrating because while he’s happy enough to entertain himself, there’s way too much screentime. He did a bit of Lego, and a bit of painting, but otherwise I just had to let him get on with it.

I’m not sure that next week when I’m back on leave will be much different unless we can go out and about more, but it’s looking like being way too hot for me to be wandering around on days out. At least we can try and do some tidying of his room, and maybe some games and crafting.

Here’s this week’s Project 52.

On Sunday we didn’t do much. I did some more sewing – I made some more reusable make up pads and a washing bag for them. I also made a second beeswax wrap.

On Monday it was the start of a fairly quiet working week for me. I quite like summer holiday working because I have a week at work and a week off for the 6 weeks. I seem to get a lot more done because everything moves faster in the weeks I’m working.

I spent much of Tuesday trying to chase down N’s new tennis racket we’d ordered the week before. I’d chosen the Royal Mail next day tracked delivery, but it got sent via Hermes next day who seem incapable of delivering tennis rackets on time. They received it midnight Friday from the retailer, then the tracker wasn’t updated until the Tuesday morning which said it was with the local depot. Although god knows what they were doing because on Friday I received an email from them saying they’d delivered it at 9.39pm to a porch. By the time I’d got hold of the retailer to chase it, I was told it would arrive in the next 2 hours. Thankfully it did, only 3 working days late, with the box all bashed in. In the meantime they’d changed the tracker. Sigh.

On Wednesday the OH was drilling all day til late, so it was my job to take N out and walk the dog. She was a little hyper but it was nice to see the bond between her and N.

I decided I need to stop trying to use the Aga for anything that can’t be cooked over a whole afternoon. It’s just too slow and doesn’t really crisp things. So I’m having to readjust my menus, using the George Foreman grill and slow cooker. I need to track down an oven repair man for the electric oven so at least we’ve got one working one.

Thursday was the day of a more elaborate ‘den’. N drags his duvet and blankets around the house. This week he was using the space next to the understairs cupboard.

On Friday it was back to being a scorcher again. It’s way too hot for me. It was very hot for them at their group tennis session. Apart from serving, N got to grips with his new racket which is now an inch bigger. It was volleying drills yesterday which is one of his favourite things to do.

Saturday was a bit of a meh day. I was quite tired so didn’t do much. N mooched and moaned he was bored so I suggested he try and build a makeshift paddling pool. After trying a few plastic boxes and a part of the monkey bars he removed ages ago from the climbing frame, he dragged a plank up from the farm. Then realised the tarp probably wasn’t going to be waterproof enough. Cue us trying to order one online. Even Prime can’t get us a smaller size one before next Wednesday, so we’ll have to see whether the weather turns before it arrives.

We need to start planning for some things to do next week. I might suggest we try and organise a playdate, so I can get to talk to someone other than N and work colleagues, and he can see a friend other than those at tennis. Maybe if it’s not too hot, an early morning visit to a park.

rays of sun at orange sunset over fields

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  1. Hope you manage to get hold of a paddling pool soon. We got ours from a car sales online store of all places. It is fab. Only been out once mind you. x

  2. Hope you manage to get hold of a paddling pool soon, I quite like the sound of being creative and trying to build your own, was worth a try anyway! Good idea to plan ahead for the following week, I always try and have a thing or two in mind to keep mine occupied.

    1. It kept him entertained thinking about how it could work even if we didn’t manage it. A good learning exercise if nothing else!

  3. That sky looks so magical and dramatic. I use our “George Formby” Grill all the time, so practical and the kitchen doesn’t get as hot, although I dream of owning an aga

  4. That’s a gorgeous sunset! Hope yeh padding pool arrived and you have made good use of it. I’m so use to prime being able to deliver next day that’s definitely changed recently with everything going on. I am not a fan of Hermes they can never deliver anything in time. Hope you had a lovely week off.

  5. My son has spent more time watching Youtube in the last four months than he has in the previous four years, it’s all a balance isn’t it. Good that you can have one week on/one week off all summer though, makes life a little easier. Hope you get the oven sorted #366

    1. N always has liked Youtube, but so much more. I think as long as they’re getting a mix, when we need to work, they don’t always want to do other things.

  6. I hope N gets the paddling pool in time for the weather. It must be so hot in your kitchen with the aga on, would be nice to get the electric oven fixed to use

    1. Electric is fixed whoop. It’s still hot without the aga on, but the frustrating thing is having nowhere to dry clothes. Takes so long in the summer.

  7. It sounds like your working hours work well during the summer.
    Ahh! Hermes are useless aren’t they. I dread getting anything delivered by them. I hope the weather stays nice for when your paddling pool arrives. x

    1. They’re painful. The only problem is you never know when they’re going to be used. Although this time should have been royal mail so I’m not sure why they weren’t used.

  8. Glad you finally got hold of the tennis racket – what a nightmare ! The photo is utterly gorgeous. Good luck with keeping busy during the heatwave – I’ve decided it’s too hot to do anything ! lol

  9. I hope you get the chance to use the paddling pool when it arrives. Delivery firms can be frustrating can’t they. One came to collect a return from me a few weeks ago, then lost it, but I’m the one having to chase for a refund.

    1. We had a day with the paddling pool before the rain arrived. I think if there was a delivery service with good customer service and wasn’t insanely expensive, they’d make a fortune.

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