tips for running painfree chlidren's parties

Ultimate tips for running pain free and fun children’s birthday parties

Not every parent loves a birthday party. Especially with the hassles that can crop up. From people not rsvp-ing, to children changing their mind about themes, and the expectations and costs that can be involved. Thankfully ours have been fairly low key and hassle free, although it doesn’t feel like that at the time you’re organising them. So I’m sharing some of the posts from the blog in one place; these will hopefully provide some of the tips to make it easier and smooth out the organisation and running of children’s birthday parties, either in or out of home.

tips for running painfree chlidren's parties

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Planning a children’s birthday party

Planning parties the hassle free-way – this pulls together everything you might need to think about when planning a party

Organising a joint birthday party – the advantages and watch outs of joining up with others for party hosting

Party invites

Etiquette of sending, accepting and declining invitations – clue – it’s rude and inconvenient to not reply at all, not make a decision either way, or just turn up (especially with siblings in tow). Tips to do it the right way.

Party themes

How to choose party themes in or out of the home, with lots of examples.

Outdoor party ideas – at home or at other venues.

Mad Science Party – an organised science party, but you could do it yourself making slime and , plus a guide on making test tube bunting.

Pirate party – theme your party and add a make your own treasure chest for party bags

Cowboy/girl party – including game ideas

Halloween party – food ideas, décor and games

Pizza Express party – how it works, but make sure you’re clear on expectations of what will be delivered, because it’s not always delivered as stated.

Bowling party – what we included, plus some ideas if you’ve got access to this for party favours

Party games for parties at home – old fashioned party games or team game ideas

Preschool party ideas – activities that will keep younger children entertained.

Party bags

Of course, if you can’t stand organising parties yourself, just get someone else to do it and book elsewhere for the party to be held. Then all you have to worry about it sending out and getting invites back, and maybe sorting out a cake. Some places will even do party bags for you (although my experience of those from N going to parties, has been that they’re cheap and pointless tat, so you’re better off just doing a simple one yourself.

Let me know any of the other problems you come across doing childrens birthday parties and I’ll try and share some potential solutions here.

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