Project 52 2018 week 28 – quad biking

It’s been another hot week.  We reckon it’s 6-7 weeks of no rain here, although there was 5-10 seconds of raindrops on my windscreen after tennis the other day. Our field out the back and the paddock are still looking mostly green, although it’s yellow verges, yellowing garden, flowers that aren’t lasting, and white rather than purple buddleia.  Hopefully we’ll get some rain soon, ahead of going camping (the thought of putting a windbreak in the ground isn’t an optimistic one). But at the moment it’s looking like we’re going to get rain while we’re away. Typical.

This week’s been the usual fun run down to the last week of school. England unfortunately lost their semi final but N managed to stay up until mid second half. He’s still talking about how well they played despite being really young, and isn’t worried that they lost the 3rd place play off on Saturday. They’ve certainly inspired him even though he insists he still doesn’t like football much.

School was busy with fun swim, open morning, target assembly, and activity day which N loves.

On the farm, they’ve been baling this week. Harvest has started with the combine going in the fields next to ours. This week’s Project 52 shot is of them going off quad biking up the field to check the cattle. Like father, like son (he does usually wear a helmet, so I’m not sure what they were doing going off without it!).

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  1. Glad N enjoyed the football. The only bit I managed to get H to watch was the penalty shootout. I ended up making arrangements for him and going to watch with friends.

    1. It’s nice to be able to watch with friends.My OH likes football but wouldn’t dream of watching it out so we just watch at home.

  2. It doesn’t usually. It’s usually end July/August, but it’s been so dry crops are ready (although not necessarily fully grown).

  3. We so need the rain, our garden is parched, and I’m fed up of watering all the potted plants outside every evening. The quadbikes look cool. Great photo.

  4. Hi Emma, it sounds as if the countdown to the school summer holidays is keeping you busy. I do hope it rains soon for the farmer’s sakes, but not too much, just enough… I love the Father/ son moment you caught. As much as I don’t like quad bikes (they are a pain in the bum as they are ridden on the roads here by nervous tourists or young wallies – I’ll say no more!) they must be perfect for getting around on a farm.


    1. That is a nightmare when people don’t ride them properly. Round here it’s pushbikes that are a nightmare. Too many cyclists riding in pelatons that cars can’t overtake for miles, and not helped by all the potholes

  5. They look so happy racing off on their quad bikes. I know we all need the rain but it is so good for our business having this lovely long dry spell..

    1. I bet it is. Luckily some of our ground is quite wet so we’ve not had a problem with grazing yet, but it is so dry for actually getting crops to grow/grass for another cut of sileage

  6. That image really does show how your son is following in his dads footsteps. I hope the farmers aren’t having too much of a challenge in this heat.

    1. Combining has started already, and it’s not looking that good. We’re lucky that we’ve got quite a lot of usually wet fields from hill run off, so still have enough green grass for grazing. But the normally muddy yard is like a dustbowl

  7. Great image quad-biking into the distance. I can’t lie though, you farmers have been on my mind a great deal. The lack of rain must be playing havoc and I have seen a combine or two out. It’s so early! As harvesting has started I’m not sure if we should be wishing for rain or not at this stage. #mysundayphoto

    1. Yes, combining has started round this way. Our yard is usually still a dark mud colour even if it’s not sticky mud, but now it’s a dustbowl. We do still have some grass left amongst the paler yellow – in particular the fields that get rain run off from the hills. But it is going to be a bad harvest I think

    1. Helmets are so massive, they’re like astonauts with massive ballson their heads. N had one from his aunt and uncle for Christmas to go with the quad bike but it was too small, so took a while to get a new one. He’s naughty because he doesn’t always wear it, compared with his push bike where he’s much better at doing so!

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