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School days – playground injuries and targets

This week was the penultimate week of school for this year. N’s last but one week of being in year 2. It’s been an interesting week with injuries and then, dating in fun day which is his favourite day of the year.

Here’s this week’s school Days.

Playground injuries

When I get home from work on Thursday the other half wasn’t very impressed. He wanted to know weather I’d been called by school to tell me about N’s injuries. No I hadn’t but then unless it’s a head injury or a very serious accident I wouldn’t really expect to be.

It turned out he been pushed over in the playground and had quite a few scrapes down the side of his body. But of course the other half didn’t actually ask what had happened. He just heard the I got pushed over apart and didn’t bother to check the rest of the story.

N had quite a few scrapes. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him have so many bumps and scrapes at one time. But he’s had plenty of falls in his time and I’m sure they’re not going to stop anytime soon. He had a scrape on his side down his arms several scrapes on both knees which have turned into bruises a day later. It’s definitely strange and I’d love to have seen how he actually fell because it’s a right mix of scrapes on his front and side and he ended up with plasters everywhere. But they were just scrapes, playground grazes.

When I asked what happened and what he was doing at the time it turned out they were just playing line tag. He just stopped somewhere and was waiting, and another boy in his class, who is tiny in comparison to N seems to have run into him and pushed him over. Must have been some barge giving him much smaller he is but N didn’t seem to be blaming him so I think it was all just part of game and an accident. What did grate was the fact that the child didn’t say sorry. That really annoys me. And given N had a teacher help and had it cleaned up and plasters put on, I’m surprised that the child didn’t notice that and come and apologise. N said he didn’t think the teacher knew what had happened, but I’m quite proud of him that he hasn’t turned around and accused someone of doing something on purpose, which is what he’s done in the past.

Now he has grubby plaster marks which he won’t rub off because it hurts too much, and the bruises are looking pretty spectacular on his knees. Hopefully it will clear up soon.

First injury of the year which I don’t think is too bad, compared to what he used to have in year 1 and reception.

Fun day

N loves fun day. It’s a day near the end of the school year when the teachers put a different activity stations and the children work around them giving everything a go. They range from having their nails painted, yes even N had his painted blue and red which we removed on getting home from school. I don’t think the other half would have appreciated it, and to be honest painted nails on children isn’t my favourite thing. N’s biggest surprise was that there was something that could remove nail polish.

He also made bath salts (doubt we’ll ever use those as we don’t do baths in our house), made a bracelet, played rounders and did various other activities. They also get to have treat lunch outside which N said is great because they get to sit wherever they want to instead of on their correct tables.

playing with Lego
Lego creations at home rather than school. 

Target assembly

The last target assembly of the year and for the first time that I can remember N got his platinum target certificate. He insists that he’s had his platinum award before but I think he’s only ever got to gold. So I’m very proud and it just goes to show how much work the teacher is done with them this year so many of them got that platinum awards. Compared with other classes where very few managed to get to that level.

They also hand out subject and other awards predominantly to the year sixes for the last time. Talking to N afterwards it seems he’s already trying to work out which of the awards he might want to try for. I’d love to see him get an award in future for school. Especially as my one school day annoyance was that I didn’t win the geography award at Sixth Form, despite the fact that I had been top of the class for 2 years, got the only A grade at A-Level that year, plus was the only one going study geography at university. That’s still riles me 20 old years later.

Joining the Choir

N sings all the time at home. Made up songs or ones he knows. A couple of weeks ago he announced that he and one of his friends have joined the choir. He’s had 3 years to decide, but only decided now. Oh well, he seems to be enjoying it so far. He’s come home with words to The Lord’s My Shepherd (and seemed surprised I knew it!). He tells me the choir are singing at the school garden party next week so we’ll see how he does there. I’m not sure he’ll stick it into next year, but I hope so. I’d like him to do something musical and he’s still not confirmed he wants to learn any instruments next year.

So we’ve only got the one week left of school and then the long summer before N is back at school and moving into year 3 and Key Stage 2.

What’s your children’s week been like at school? Lots of fun activities for them too?

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