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Mini Vanilla pyjamas for the holiday season with House of Fraser

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Like many other children at Christmas, N always has new pyjamas on Christmas eve.  Usually they’re Christmassy ones, but this year I’d found some brilliant blue ones with soldiers on.  So when I was sent a gorgeous pair of Mini Vanilla pyjamas from House of Fraser for him, they were going to have to wait until after Christmas.

Needless to say, thanks to N’s refusal to go for a pee as soon as he wakes up – I mean, who does that? Surely going for a pee is the first thing people do in the morning on getting up – he had a bit of a wet floor / pj incident on reaching the cloakroom.  Which meant he was able to try out his new tractor pyjamas.

mini vanilla boys pyjamas from House of Fraser

Anything with tractors on obviously goes down a treat with N.  Usually he has skinny style pjs, or at least with an elasticated leg hem.  The joy of a longer body than leg, meaning he needs a decent rise on a trouser – hard to come by.

The Mini Vanilla pair looked quite small for an age 5-6 when I took them out of the bag, but I’m obviously not good at judging clothes sizing.  Let’s just say there’s growing room in both the top and bottoms.  That’s great because usually N grows out of tops way before the bottoms.

comfy lounge pyjamas from mini vanilla

I love tartan for pjs, and these are a comfortable elasticated waist.  No moaning from  N that he needed his top tucked in.  And there’s plenty of stretch in the neck to avoid moans when pulling it off.

Trouser length aside, N looks really sweet in these pjs, and it makes a nice change to see him in less skinny pyjamas.  He did moan one morning that the legs got caught up around his knees, but I always find that happens to pjs myself, so I don’t think there’s anything you can do about that when you’re a wriggling sleeper like he is.

don't take my photo - pj shot

I’ll definitely be looking out for more Mini Vanilla pyjamas at House of Fraser in future.  There’s a great selection across lots of different brands, so something for everyone’s tastes.


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  1. My 3yo Tyler is the same – he refuses to go to the loo as soon as he wakes – I just don’t understand, why would you want to hold it?! Boys! These PJs look very sophisticated, I have tartan pj bottoms myself so they would match mine 🙂 xx

  2. Oh we have these pyjamas too….Fabulous price and my boys are tractor mad so the design made them a perfect choice. I too, got it SO wrong with the sizing, but at least they’ll have plenty of growing room and us parents know how quickly our children like to grow! xxx

    1. Ah the sizing should have been fine for N according to his height, he’s just the lower end of age 5-6. But the smaller one wouldn’t have fit for long. Thankfully he doesn’t seem to mind, and yes, they’ll last for ages.

  3. These are lovely PJ’s. I dont know why but I have a love for Pyjamas and plan to do regular posts on them in 2016… I love the tractor on the top very cute.

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