stocking fillers for tweens and teens

Christmas stocking fillers for tweens and teens

While they’re probably cynical about Father Christmas by the tween years, even if they don’t have younger siblings, many would probably still like to have a Christmas stocking. Mine held off telling me he knew for a while, because he wanted to still have one. If you want to keep the magic of Christmas a bit longer, why not try some of these Christmas stocking fillers for tweens and teens.

With older children usually comes more expense. They’re wise to second hand, and have moved onto more expensive technology and interests. But if you’re working to a budget, keep that in mind.

stocking fillers for tweens and teens

Tips for more thrifty gift buying

(including stocking fillers)

  • Buy in the January sales, or through the year
  • Link up with family and friends with similar age children to buy in bulk and get better deals
  • Shop around – try discount stores for trendy alternatives, or places like TK Maxx.
  • Look for cheaper alternatives. These are stocking gifts after all, they’re not meant to be the main present.
  • Try homemade – if you’re crafty
  • Use loyalty points – save them through the year, then spend them before Christmas.
  • Don’t feel you have to add as many stocking stuffers as you may have done when they were younger. You can always fill it out with an orange, chocolate coins, candy cane and any other traditional Christmas items Santa would have delivered each year.

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Tips for stocking fillers for tweens and teens

Anything phone oriented:

Pop socket / phone grip – you can get personalised one of these or just choose a design

Phone cleaner – some of them are quite fun, we’ve found ball shaped ones in the past.

Waterproof phone case – useful for holidays.

Phone case 

Gloves (with phone touch fingers) – check reviews or ask friends kids which they have to make sure they’ll work.

Japanese sweets/their favourite chocolate – anything Japanese kitsch style tends to go down well, whether it’s sweets, stationery or clothing. So pick something yours will like.

Mini flying discs – these are fun, but depending on size of the stocking you could also opt for different types of frisbee, flying disc* or ball.   

Socks – try these pizza socks*, just a cute pair.  

Lottery scratch card

Make up – lipgloss or carmex/burts bees is safe bet for lip care

Nice biro pen / space pen

Highlighter pens – I don’t know what it is about these, but even my son loves a nice set of highlighters.

Bullet journal

filled christmas stockings hanging on a fence

Tangle teezer hair brush

Hair putty/clay or gel

Sustainable pin badges – let them state their beliefs and allegiance, or just get creative with this choice of pins.

Sunglasses – look out for 2 for 1 offers at the end of the summer. They might not be designer, but there’s a variety of new brands with recycled sunglasses popping up, that would be great for teens.

Fun card games 

Joke books

Fidget spinners

Stress ball

Funko mystery mini – they’re cheaper direct or keep a watch out for offers on Amazon*.  

Wax melts or mini candles

You can also find my party bag filler ideas for 10-11 year olds which might give some ideas too and alternative token gift bags ideas for different family members

What other ideas would you include for stocking fillers for older children?

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  1. My girls are 16 & 21 and still get a stocking each year. Anything too small to faff around wrapping goes in their’s and of course some chocolate coins.
    You are right about anything Japanese, my girls love anything like that. x

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