12days - ideas for outdoor Christmas activities - Bubbablue and me

On the tenth day of Christmas – things to do outside this Christmas season

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I have to admit I’m lazy and would quite happily stay inside, reading or blogging, watching Christmas movies and tv shows all over the holiday period.  But sometimes you have to get outside and get some air.  So here’s some ideas for things to do outside this Christmas season.

12days - ideas for outdoor Christmas activities - Bubbablue and me

1, Snowy walks

Ok, so in the UK it’s highly unlikely we’ll get a white Christmas, but some places will.  And a walk after a big lunch is good to make you feel better about all the rich food you might have eaten.

building a mini snowman

2, Watch the sunset or sunrise

Especially on a misty morning, why not go out wrapped up warm and find a hill to sit on while you watch the sun rise or set.

3, Play in the garden

Set up a scavenger hunt for the children (or adults), or do one round the town or village, and give the kids something to do while they have a walk.  Either ask them to collect specific items or take photos of themselves at specific places, then finish off having hot chocolate in a pub.

Or play with ice. If you’ve a water table chances are it will get iced over. If not, set out ice cream tubs of water and wait for them to freeze, then let the kids at them with whatever instruments they want to hack them with.

4, Visit a National Trust place

While most of the houses are shut up for winter, most National Trust locations have beautiful gardens or walks which stay open all year round apart from Christmas Day and Boxing day.  Avoid the crowds and get there early.

5, Go ice skating

As a child it was always my dream to go ice skating at Central Park, New York.  I’ve been to New York near Christmas, but didn’t even manage to skate at the Rockefeller Center because the person I went with wasn’t keen (I’d walked her too far on the earlier days we were there).  But I have ice skated outside with N at Millets Farm.  Not quite the same as being in an iconic place. Maybe one day I’ll do it at Somerset House or somewhere equally as amazing.  But it’s so much more special being outside and skating than, inside at an ice rink.

6, Go on a photo walk

Any excuse for me to go out and take photos.  Give children a camera – disposable if they don’t have their own – and let them take their own photos while you take your own.

Living Arrows taking photos in the flowers garden

7, Decorate outdoors

Yes put up lights on the house. But how about decorating a tree with natural decorations.  Or adding baubles to the boughs.  Make a wreath from nature.

8, Have a winter barbecue

Your neighbours might think you’re nuts, but…

9, Go to a Boxing Day hunt meet

Ok, so it’s polarising, but it’s a great country tradition that there’s always a meet on Boxing Day and it’s a way for children to get close to the horses, meet some hounds, eat cake and for the adults to drink port.  We used to go years ago before proper hunting was made illegal at our nearby National Trust property.  It was always a spectacular sight.  But we’ve not been since those days.  If you’re not anti-hunting and want to support country life, I’d recommend it for the experience.

N would also add, go beating at a shoot.  It’s not my cup of tea, but plenty of people enjoy it, and if you’ve a well-trained dog, it can be a lovely day out in the countryside with them.

What else would you get up to outside, over the Christmas season?


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