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Personalised puff heart bangle with Prezzybox

I’m a bit of a magpie when it comes to pretty shiny and glittery jewellery.  I have a stash of it even though I rarely wear much more than earrings, watch and wedding and engagement rings for day to day wear.

I used to make jewellery as well, so I’m keen on looking out for new styles and ideas that I may have ended up making if I’d carried on.

When you become a mum, you often want to have something personalised to remind you of your child, something to wear for sentimental reasons.  Ideally someone else would buy it for you (unlike mine where I buy it for myself).

If you’re after a personalised item of jewellery,  then Prezzybox is one website to look at, having a good range of jewellery and other gifts.

prezzybox puff heart bangle

I really like the personalised puff heart bangle. This silver plated bangle is around 7.5 inches in length and is easy to wear and remove.  It has 2 beads on the main part of the bangle, along with a puffed heart charm, and a flat personalised charm.  The personalisation allows for up to 8 characters – letters or numbers, so great to include a baby’s birthdate or wedding anniversary.

The bangle costs £18.95 and comes presented in a gift bag – so no excuses for men saying they don’t do wrapping.

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  1. I would have the name Kathleen, as my auntie and cousin are emigrating from New Zealand to sunny Staffordshire next month

  2. My sister is currently pregnant with her first child, this would be perfect as a pregnancy gift! I’d have her chosen name for the child wrote on the heart 🙂

  3. I would love my own name as I have brought others personalised gifts before but have yet to receive one x and a beautiful looking bangle it is to!

  4. I would have a paw print with either Newfies or bears on because we have 2 newfoundlands that we call our bears and I would give it to my mum xx

  5. Dad. My Dad died last month and it would be nice to have something to look at and smile thinking about him xx

  6. My daughter Maryam ‘ s name. Such a beautiful and special piece of jewellery. I would give it to myself for Mother’s Day as her dad doesn’t bother with it and precious daughter is too young.

  7. My name as it is an unusual Cornish name and never get anything personalised normally!

  8. I would have my step daughterJadez name put it and give to her for her 19th birthday in march 🙂 She loves bracelets this is exactly her style

  9. I Would Have ‘Bone and Tub’ engraved on mine cos that was our pet names for each other when we met and still is Decades On!old Romantic Fools!!

  10. I would love this for my goddaughter when she’s older, so I would like Luna on it 🙂

  11. Davisha, my daughter; she would be very appreciative and it would be a wonderful gift for having passed her LAMDA exams with 94%. Thanks for the chance.

  12. I would have my nieces name Katie – She is also my God Daughter and I owe her a lovely bracelet!

  13. It’s a hard one but for me I would pick
    These are the initials of all 3 of my boys x

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