I’m a bit of a magpie when it comes to pretty shiny and glittery jewellery.  I have a stash of it even though I rarely wear much more than earrings, watch and wedding and engagement rings for day to day wear.

I used to make jewellery as well, so I’m keen on looking out for new styles and ideas that I may have ended up making if I’d carried on.

When you become a mum, you often want to have something personalised to remind you of your child, something to wear for sentimental reasons.  Ideally someone else would buy it for you (unlike mine where I buy it for myself).

If you’re after a personalised item of jewellery,  then Prezzybox is one website to look at, having a good range of jewellery and other gifts.

prezzybox puff heart bangle

I really like the personalised puff heart bangle. This silver plated bangle is around 7.5 inches in length and is easy to wear and remove.  It has 2 beads on the main part of the bangle, along with a puffed heart charm, and a flat personalised charm.  The personalisation allows for up to 8 characters – letters or numbers, so great to include a baby’s birthdate or wedding anniversary.

The bangle costs £18.95 and comes presented in a gift bag – so no excuses for men saying they don’t do wrapping.


  1. Lana George@btinternet.com

    I would have Lana on it!

  2. Lynne Thomas

    I’d like to have my granddaughters initials engraved on it

  3. Emma Rathbone

    I would have my daughters name Ellie put on it as she is my world xx

  4. Catherine Barton

    I would have the name Kathleen, as my auntie and cousin are emigrating from New Zealand to sunny Staffordshire next month

  5. Ruth Wollerton

    The initials of my boys names, because I love them the most of all

  6. Julie Edwards

    I would have my three childrens initials K, R and J

  7. cheryl hadfield

    I would have my daughters name Cerys

  8. sandy ralph

    as my daughters birthday is coming up I would have her name Tiffany on it

  9. My sister is currently pregnant with her first child, this would be perfect as a pregnancy gift! I’d have her chosen name for the child wrote on the heart 🙂

  10. jackie beckett

    i would have my grandaughters name on it

  11. Angela Williams

    my sister name – and give her as a present

  12. Samantha Butler

    I think I would have sister on the heart 🙂

  13. Ashley Phillips

    I would have Sandra on it for my mum and give it to her for mothers day x

  14. Kristin Burdsall

    I would love to have my daughters name Lydia on mine

  15. Julie Camm

    Just my initials I think… it’s a lovely bangle…

  16. Gillian Turner

    I’d have my best friends name on this, it is her 40th soon and this is perfect x

  17. Anna cotton-betteridge

    I would love my own name as I have brought others personalised gifts before but have yet to receive one x and a beautiful looking bangle it is to!

  18. amanda coffman

    I would have Mom on it and give it to my mom for Mother’s Day

  19. B & T, my teenagers’ initials, to show I love them really in spite of my ” nagging”

  20. jackie curran

    I would have my daughters name and give it to her for her 21st birthday

  21. Michelle Stewart

    Me myself I Use as an id bracelet for the lost and found

  22. Dale Dow

    My Dad’s name so that my Mum can wear it x

  23. Lisa Debz

    Stunning for my girls bday in march, Karla.

  24. gemma hendry

    i would get my daughters name who is due to arrive next month

  25. Pauline Dring

    “Emily”, our Granddaughter’s name

  26. Elisabeth Ries

    My name – you never get personalised items when you spell Elisabeth with an ‘s’

  27. Jessica Hutton

    I would have a paw print with either Newfies or bears on because we have 2 newfoundlands that we call our bears and I would give it to my mum xx

  28. Lisa Wilkinson

    I would have my little girl’s name.

  29. Amy Eastwick

    I would have Mama on mine as my daughter has always called me that!

  30. Donna Caldwell

    I’d have mum& dad as I miss them very much even now

  31. Lisa Houston

    Dad. My Dad died last month and it would be nice to have something to look at and smile thinking about him xx

  32. victoria

    probably ‘mum’, since it’s nearly mothers day

  33. Katie Skeoch

    Princess, my niece’s nickname. She loves pretty things x

  34. Patricia Whittaker

    i would have the name Lotte engraved as it is the name of my Grandaughter.

  35. I would have ‘Love You’ engraved on the bracelet if I were lucky enough to win it.

  36. Kathleen Lynch

    I would have A. B. C. Engraved on it

  37. Victoria B

    I’d have my and my husband’s initials.

  38. Nicola Andrijauskas

    I’d have my son’s name and a heart

  39. Nicola Andrijauskas

    I’d have my son’s name and a heart

  40. Mandie Wright

    I’d love B and Hannah for my children

  41. Hazel Rea

    I would have my son and daughter’s initials.

  42. Sadiyya maryam

    My daughter Maryam ‘ s name. Such a beautiful and special piece of jewellery. I would give it to myself for Mother’s Day as her dad doesn’t bother with it and precious daughter is too young.

  43. I would have my nieces name put on as a special 16th birthday present

  44. Emma Walton

    I think I would have my best friend’s name on it 🙂

    • catherine burke

      my granddaughter’s name Ellie-may

  45. Barbara Handley

    I would have Grandma as that is what all my five grandchildren call me.

  46. Tressa lapham-green

    My name as it is an unusual Cornish name and never get anything personalised normally!

  47. Danielle Cresswell

    I’d have Nana and give it to my Mum off my sons x

  48. michelle mccall

    I would have my step daughterJadez name put it and give to her for her 19th birthday in march 🙂 She loves bracelets this is exactly her style

  49. Karen Howden

    I would have S M R, after my dead son Stephen, my son Matthew and my daughter Rachael

  50. Donna Lawton

    Epileptic (it would be nicer than the rubber medical bangle I wear now)

  51. My sister’s name for her birthday in March


    I would have my daughters name on it

  53. leigh boyle

    just A as thats what all my babies names start with x

  54. Katie Kingsbury

    I think I’d have my wedding date on it.

  55. I’d have Mum, as if I’m lucky enough to win I’ll give it to her.

  56. Michelle lintern

    I would have sophie for my daughters 21st

  57. rachel s

    i would have my daughters name engraved on it x

  58. Dawn obrien

    I think the initials of myself and my hubby D & M

  59. Layla Thomas

    My name, it’s impossible to find things with my name on them.

  60. Liza Park

    I would have my grandDaughter’s name (Darcey Rae ) engraved on it x

  61. karen salisbury

    id give this my nieces mum with nieces name on

  62. Sarah-Louise Thompson

    I Would have P.A.S on it – My husband and 2 daughters’ initials x

  63. I would have J . C. R on it for my 3 children 🙂

    its a lovely piece x

  64. Ruth Goddard

    I would put my partners name on it for her birthday ‘Lorna’

  65. justine meyer

    I would put my daughters name on it for her birthday if I won x

  66. Becca Staples

    I would have the birth date of my twin boys x

  67. tracy sinclair

    I would have Phoebe, my Granddaughter’s name on it x

  68. Alison Johnson

    Ali+Tony – mine & Hubby’s name’s. Just fit in if no spaces between + sign!

  69. Laura Lombari

    I would have mine and my husband’s initials, L & P

  70. Laura Lombari

    I would have mine and my husband’s initials, L & P

  71. Caroline H

    I would have my initials, including my middle name, on it.

  72. Carroll Marsh

    I Would Have ‘Bone and Tub’ engraved on mine cos that was our pet names for each other when we met and still is Decades On!old Romantic Fools!!

  73. helen tovell

    The initials of my partner and children

  74. debbie louise davies

    I would have Ella, my daughter’s name xx

  75. Julie Henderson

    either the date we 1st met or the grandkids names

  76. Lucy mills

    I would have sister and give it to my sister 🙂

  77. Jo Jones

    I would have Nicola on it as a gift for my daughter

  78. Carrie Truckle

    I would have my husbands and sons names.

  79. Philip Rogers

    I would love to have my daughters name Olivia. She would love this

  80. kate philpott

    my oldest girls name charlie shes 14 very soon

  81. Emma Ellams

    I would love this for my goddaughter when she’s older, so I would like Luna on it 🙂

  82. Jacqui Rankine

    Davisha, my daughter; she would be very appreciative and it would be a wonderful gift for having passed her LAMDA exams with 94%. Thanks for the chance.

  83. caroline walliss

    I’d have my daughters name, thanks.x

  84. Lynne Durkin

    I would have the name Esmae on it for my granddaughter x

  85. lindsey stuart

    I would have my partner and my initials 🙂

  86. Megan, for my daughter as she would love this.

  87. Megan, for my daughter as she would love this.

  88. Danielle M

    I would have “Mama” written on it and give it to my gorgeous Mum x

  89. Julie Ward

    Grandaughters name because the bangle would be for her

  90. abigail edkins

    I would have ‘my angel’ written on it for my daughter

  91. lynn HEATH

    I would have the kids initials engraved on it!

  92. Linda Empson

    The initials of my children and grandchildren

  93. Ruth Harwood

    My niece’s name and give it to my sister in law for her birthday xx

  94. gayle yates

    I would have my late mums name on it (maureen)xx

  95. Chrissie Curtis

    I would have my nieces name Katie – She is also my God Daughter and I owe her a lovely bracelet!

  96. Leanne Bell

    I would love my eldest Daughters name – Jasmine x

  97. Sarah Rowland

    It’s a hard one but for me I would pick
    These are the initials of all 3 of my boys x

  98. Serena La Pietra

    Carla – my best friends name, so I could give it to her.

  99. wendy malone

    My teenage daughters name.Its a lovely gift.

  100. carol oneil

    I would have megs x x my gorgeous little princess’s name on there

  101. claire woods

    I’d have Take That on it, they are my favourite group.

  102. Elisa Trueman

    I’d have CJO the initials of my children’s names xx

  103. Elisa Trueman

    I’d have CJO the initials of my children’s names xx

  104. terri jenner

    got to be my little boys name oh and my nephews toot

  105. I’d have it with my name on it. I think it’s gorgeous

  106. Ms Suan Watts

    I would have SAM who is my lovely grandson

  107. Rachael Medley

    I would have “Lily” in honour of my beautiful niece x

  108. Tracey Peach

    A Silver Heart With My Name On it 🙂

  109. karen hill

    Would be lovely, recently become a first time mom, x

  110. Lovely blog, lovely prize, I would have my name on it!!

  111. I didn’t get my sister a Xmas gift this year and she lives in Australia so would love to win this and send it to her

  112. Anthony Harrington

    I would have our little Grandson’s name put on it for my Wife

  113. Kim Neville

    I would have my daughter’s name on it for her

  114. My daughters name and give it to her for her birthday later in the year 🙂

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