a snowy walk on the farm - Bubbbalue and me

A snowy walk round the farm

Whenever the weather is playing ball, I frequently gaze out and hope I can get out to take some photos. It doesn’t always work out that way – usually we have other plans.  But the other week we had snowing falling on the weekend, so it was the prime opportunity to go for a snowy photography walk.

a snowy walk on the farm - Bubbbalue and me

N was really excited that it had snowed, and we got all dressed up in outdoor gear.  Then we opened the front door to see his dad coming.  The offer of going to have break time over at his cousins’ house meant I was left high and dry to go out for a walk on my own.  After all the snow excitement N ended up not even going out to play before the snow melted.

I initially walked out with my brother who’d turned up to do some metal detecting.  Supposedly it’s good in the snow because the grass is compacted and therefore better to get signals off.  But we parted ways and I headed through the farmyard and out to the public footpath up our fields.

telegraph poles in the snow

I’d expected the ground to be a lot more solid, but it was still quite wet under foot…not helped by being at the bottom of the hill and having had farm vehicles and cattle through it at times.

snow covered tree

ice drop on a branch

fence wire coil in the snow

a view through the stile in snow

There wasn’t that much snow about, but just enough to have some pretty snowy shots given the right framing.

hanging seeds in the snow

snowy plants

wrinkly berry on ice

Noone else had been out in the fields which is always  satisfying.  So often we find random walkers not following the footpath, but I didn’t see anyone while out.


cows eating in the snow

hay bales on a trailer in snow

melting snow at the farm gate

snowy tyres on the farm

I was only out for an hour but it was plenty long enough to get out and enjoy the fresh cold air and snowy views, before heading home in time for lunch.

flower in the snow

snowy plants along the road

Bizarrely considering N had been so keen to have snow, he wasn’t concerned that by lunchtime most of it had melted, before the rain came and washed the rest away.

Did you have much snow?  Do you hole up at home or get out in it?


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  1. These are beautiful pictures – i love the one of the haybales! Looks like you had just enough snow for it to be lovely and pretty but not enough to cause a big disruption. Perfect in my book 🙂

  2. wow fab photos … i love the snow and my little one loves being out in it too.. although we haven’t had much this year… i grew up in the country side and had a wonderful childhood n is so lucky x

  3. What absolutely gorgeous photos – snow makes everything so pretty doesn’t it? We never have any snow – I would love Pickle to see some. Kaz x

  4. Do you have a macro lens because your close-up photos of the snow and vegetation are stunning. I like how you blurred out the backgrounds and made the snow the focal point of each photo.

    1. Thanks Ana. You’re right, I do have one yes, and was using it. Although I quite often use my phone camera for close ups because I sometimes struggle to get the focus on the correct item with my proper camera.

  5. What absolutely gorgeous photos, these are lovely. We have had the tiniest dusting of snow so far this year – just about enough for one snowball I suspect, except it fell the weekend my daughter stayed over with her uncle and aunt (who had no snow!) and I seized the chance for a lie-in so pretty much missed it… She hasn’t really seen snow since she was about nine months old and is desperate to have some.

    1. That’s a shame, but typical isn’t it. N last saw snow when he was 2 I think, so was definitely looking forward to some, but then the lure of playing at his cousin’s house was too big!

  6. These pictures are so beautiful and I think the snow added to the awesomeness. I am sure N will join you another time and enjoy the snow walk

  7. What lovely photos Emma! I do love the snow for prettying up photographs. I’m so over all this wet stuff under foot, aren’t you? It was nice to have a hard frost for a few days. x

    1. Thanks Suzanne. I love the prettiness of the snow, and the cold dry blue sky days are perfect for winter. But yes, a bit sick of rain now, although I don’t think it’s been as bad as some times in the past. Thanks for stopping by

  8. I love your snowy pics and especially love the one of the cows all huddled together to keep warm! We haven’t had any snow this season down in West Dorset, and are not likely to. I shall have to go up North next winter if I want to see any snow. I was a little disappointed that we didn’t even get a small sprinkling but it has just been too mild this winter. I love to get out and about in the snow, taking photos and such. I grew up in New York State so we always had a lot of snow in winter!

    1. Thanks Nadia. The cows don’t seem to mind it, although they’ve got nice warm barns and straw. I don’t think we’ll get much more, and definitely nowhere near NY snow.

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