Pottering garden play

Even though the weather’s not quite as warm as it’s recently been, that’s not stopped N from getting out in the garden after nursery.  I love to see him pottering around and he’s reliable enough that he knows how far he can roam without us being outside with him, other than the occasional check.

We check out the tomato plant jungle – I’m noticing more chomped on leaves, so hoping the tomatoes are safe from whatever likes the leaves.  The tomatoes are now turning a lighter green and more are appearing so hopefully red ones aren’t far away.

tomato plant jungle 2

The paddling pool’s been up-ended and moved so his Gramps can use the lawn mower with no obstacles (how he’ll cope once I get organised and get him a climbing frame I’ve no idea.  All hell will break loose!).  N’s been enjoying moving rainwater from the paddling pool to the water table.  

carrying the water bucket

He’s always loved pouring and transferring water between containers, so he was in his element.

pouring water

The OH has got involved with N’s play.  They tend to have a mad roll about on the trampoline which is great fun to watch.  The other day though, I turned round to find N stripping off.  Yes, stripping off so he could bounce around naked.  Delightful!  The OH couldn’t stop laughing, he just found it really funny.  And I suppose seeing a naked 3 year old wearing wellies was a different sight!

playing in the garden

I thought it would be a one off thing, but the next day I was watering the flowers, and again I spotted him stripping off.  This time he was wearing only sandals and decided that he would be playing with his diggers in the gravel.  I think his view was that it’s quicker and easier to go for a pee when required.  Although not helped by his dad’s encouragement.

digger play

It’s brilliant that the summer weather’s lasted so long.  N really is loving being out in the garden, and we can also relax knowing that he can play quite safely out there.

Do your children potter around in the garden alone?  What’s their favourite activity?

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  1. Pottering around the garden is always fun especially in the sun! Love all the nice weather you all are having while I am away. of course always the way isn’t it? Love the photos. Some of my favorite past times with the kids is just being in the back yard (garden) and pottering about in the sun. Lovely. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me. I hope to see you again this week for another great round. #sharewithme

    1. This week’s not as warm and more rain, so here’s hoping the sun is back for my week off after the bank hols. Now you’ve got a lovely ordered garden for your 2 to play in as well.

      Thanks for stopping by

  2. Fresh air and space – perfect for making their own fun! N seems to be quite confident in amusing himself in the garden and having a great time in the sunshine. Thanks for linking up and sharing his fun with Country Kids.

    1. Yes, he loves just being able to do his own thing. Not sure he’d be so safe with a friend not used to being on a farm, although I can imagine he’d tell them what was what!

  3. Ah how sweet, it seems so long ago that my two were that size, but do you know what? they still spend hours in the garden. We invested in a climbing frame and they have spent many hours on it. x

    1. That’s what I’m after. Was planned for May and then never got round to it. Now I bet I’ve missed the summer sales. Think N would love one, although I’m not sure his Gramps would as it’ll make cutting the grass a nightmare.

  4. Looks like N is having a lot of fun in the garden – so lovely to be able to get out in the garden so much with all the nice weather we’ve had recently.

  5. Have to say I love garden play with my little boy, so much you can do and all for free!


    1. The free thing’s definitely a bonus. I’ve been slack though as had planned to get a climbing frame at the start of summer, and now it’s virtually the end! Oops

  6. It’s wonderful when children just entertain themselves in the garden and enjoy outdoors play. Recently I’ve been getting them to help with clearing up some of the garden too.

    1. Does make life easier when you know you can trust them too, not to wander off.

      Good job on getting them into the garden. Children and mud does go together, although I can’t say N’s that helpful in following exactly my instructions!

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