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Trendy Tot Thursday – Rainbow Joules boy

As I’ve said before, I do love stripes on boys.  I think they can look really smart, but also brighten up an otherwise (often) dull colour palette.  Let’s face it, a lot of the time, darker colour bottoms are easier for boys and more readily available.

N has got some quite bright shorts though, so often the bright t-shirts clash.  However, I found this Joules polo shirt in the sale last Winter and snapped it up for him to grow into.  It’s a really bright rainbow stripe design, and is so versatile, it looks great with so many colours. For his non-birthday party he wore it with red shorts which did mean a little bit too much red going on (although he loved his outfit and kept looking at himself in the mirror).

For our visit to Warwick Castle at the weekend he wore the polo shirt with his burgundy shorts.  Ok, so they weren’t quite a colour match, but they did dull down the brights a little bit.

stripy polo shirt joules

Shame his sunhats never seem to match his clothes, but at least this blue one has the same tones in, even if it’s a pattern clash.  I guess the fashion trends are always going on about putting different colours together, so maybe we’re ahead of the game on that front?!

boy in rainbow t shirt

N always seems so comfy in shorts, it’s a shame it’ll be trouser weather again soon.

  • Polo shirt – Joules
  • Chino Shorts – Tu at Sainsbury’s
  • Sandals – Pediped
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    1. Thanks for stopping by. I do love all the coloured chino shorts, it’s just finding tops to go, so nice to be able to do all over colour

  1. The outfit is fab, I am also another lover of bright colours although (Lewis especially) isn’t over keen on stripes so tend to keep away. As for his hat, its practical, regardless of style! Thank you for linking up #TT_Thursday

  2. I love bright clothes on children, bit of a paradox as I usually chose the most neutral of colors for myself! 🙂 Joules do some fab clothes- I always think if I had a young son, I’d put some zingy stripes on him. I think your young man looks dapper in his outfit, the sunhat goes perfectly too! 😀

    1. I’m the same. Mostly wear navy, although do like brighter tops for summer. But I think as you get older you think more about the colours you can wear. With children they can mostly wear anything – and pre uniform it’s nice to have them in colour.

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