group of mugs looking across the top of them

Project 52 2022 week 26

This week I’m on Wimbledon and weather watch ahead of my trip there next week. Hopefully the play won’t get delayed too much this week with middle Sunday already due to be played as standard thanks to it being Jubilee year. Here’s our week 26 of Project 52.

On Sunday we nipped to the farm shop and then for a Costa frappe treat in town. The rest of the day was fairly relaxing – I zoomed through most of a new Wasgij puzzle, did a bit of reading, and N went out on the farm for a bit. We started getting his things organised for residential next week.

Monday was takeover day at school. Year 6s (and a few year 5s) get to take on staff positions for the day. N was the office manager, so had to be in from 8 til 5, in his shirt and tie. He insisted on still wearing shorts though. He was exhausted by the time he got home, but was buzzing. He really enjoyed it. The bonus for being the one who had to stay the longest in school was no homework for the whole week. He said it was definitely worth it.

On Tuesday, it was just more work and school. My mother in law’s come back from their break with Covid, so hopefully she doesn’t get worse. Now we’re on watch out and wondering what we should cancel ahead of next week. N’s meant to be at an indoor party (trampolining) on Saturday), and has his residential next week (bit concerned he’ll come back with it like a friend’s son did after theirs). That would really screw up the final week of primary school and put paid to his transition day to secondary.  I’m due into work on Thursday and next week, so debating not going in in case I catch it before going to Wimbledon. Back to mask wearing (which we hadn’t fully stopped anyway).

Wednesday was a busy day. I had to drop my car at 8am to have an error light checked out. I had a hybrid XC40 courtesy car which was really nice to drive. Apart from the starting and stopping. I had to ask how I actually got it to go after turning on the start button. A lot of brake pressing, and sometimes it goes without the handbrake on and others not. So confusing. I have no idea what order to press everything when stopped with the handbrake on. Then there was the park gear which was a button rather than another on the gearstick Once the 10% battery that was left when I picked it up, the fuel economy was terrible. Worse than my AWD much bigger diesel.

Rusty rackets was brilliant fun again. This week was serve and return. My ball toss up is horrendous which makes serving pretty much impossible. But at the end we played a ‘champion’ and challenger game. After only 2 reasonable serves, I’d got to the champion space, and ended up staying there for all but the last 2 challenges. Not bad. Shame you need to serve more than twice in normal matches.

On Thursday I picked up my car. Blooming warning lights being checked cost me £96 just for diagnostics, all in £230 with the only part being £24 of that cost. Hopefully the other error that popped up on the diagnostics is now gone and won’t appear again before my service in September!  

My life to do list seems to be growing with all the people I need to call. I also need to take N’s laptop to get the screen fixed – frustratingly they only open during the week, so that means a lunchtime visit. And we need to get him a mobile. The OH will moan because his family were discussing paying to get his old iphone screen fixed and giving that to N. But for only £40 extra we can get a decent phone that’s new, so no worry about an old battery etc. Plus it wouldn’t be iphone which means I can link it with my android phone. Because let’s face it, the OH won’t do anything tech so there’s no point tying N into Apple when he’s got a windows laptop and I’ve no idea about Apple.

Friday, things seemed to get sorted out. N was dropped off in town for his day out with school. They went to the museum, then to the new cinema complex for bowling and the climbing walls, and had a picnic in the park too. He had a really good school report as well. Thankfully our secondary school forms we posted a month ago finally arrived at the school. Phew.

We got his letter about the transition day (that they’ll miss due to residential), the parent evening (which luckily my slot doesn’t clash with rusty rackets. Yay).  And we found out his tutor group and house for September. So his tie’s been ordered, and now just to work out if he’s in with any of his friends.

On Saturday it was a non stop day. Morning we had a stack of things to get and drop off in town, then a quick lunch before taking N to a school friend’s trampolining party. The car parking was carnage as half of the car park had building work in. So I just dropped, checked in with the mum, and headed off to get some cheaper diesel in Asda, and read my book until pick up time.  It looks like their friendship groups have been split up all over the place for tutor groups and across the houses, so it’ll be interesting to see how their lesson groups end up. 

I spent the early evening helping N stick on photos to his photoboard of themselves they do for leaving primary school.

This week’s project 52 photo is of mugs. Unless we have the occasional hot chocolate in winter, we don’t really use mugs. But the OH’s been having breakfast, morning and afternoon break, and lunch at home rather than the farm, because his mum has Covid. Hopefully she’ll test positive soon, and get over it ok. In the meantime, the OH’s been getting through about 6 mugs a day, mostly using my nice mugs that never have tea or coffee in, rather than using the millions of other generic mug options he should be using.

group of mugs looking across the top of them

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  1. Glad N enjoyed being the office manager for takeover day at school and a bonus to get no homework as a result too! Hope you manage to get N’s laptop screen fixed. Sounds like a sensible approach with getting him a new android phone given that it doesn’t cost much more than fixing the old iPhone. The day out with school sounded like it was fun. #project365

    1. Yes, he’s gone today til Friday. They’re in Dorset. His cousin was telling him what to expect (he’s 2 school year’s ahead), as he went to the same place in Y5.

  2. Doing the job of the office manager must have been a very nice experience. I’m not sure if that shows the problems one faces when employed, as many times there is a sort of a homework, as in thinking of what is happening or what will happen next, overtime, and so on.
    Hopefully the car is fine now and no other things need changing. Also, I hope your mother in law is better.

  3. Ohh! I hope you have a fab time at Wimbledon. I hope you all stay fit and well over the next few weeks.
    Takeover day sounds like a lot of fun and what a great bonus of no homework for the week. It sounds worth it.
    I am glad you are enjoying Rusty Rackets.
    I think you do right paying a little bit extra for an android phone for N. I know nothing about Apple products either.
    I hope your OH’s mum is better soon just so he will leave your mugs alone. hehehe x

    1. The annoying thing is the OH used to have android but then he got given an ipad, and his brother/nephew love apple so he chose one. But N has Windows pc so there’s no point having apple with that. He’s happy anyway so all good.

  4. Glad to see that N. got to be the office manager for the school takeover. Fingers crossed, his residential goes well, and he doesn’t catch anything. You’re right about buying a new phone. We bought a phone for Eddie last summer before he started secondary school. My DH did offer him his old iphone, but the battery was basically useless.
    Good the school forms have finally arrived.
    We’ve got so many mugs, I am having a big clearout. Already took a few to the charity shop, and will take more this week, mostly the promotional ones which were free gifts with purchases or sent by the brands as part of comps.

    1. I cleared our some of mine too. The ones I have left are basically memories, so I can’t get rid. Although there’s some kiddy ones of N’s that he’s probably happy to let go.

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