playing in the snow

Perfect snow – indoors and out

As soon as winter arrives and all the gloomy weather predictions come saying we’ll have the worst winter ever, my heart sinks. I’m not a snow fan. I’m not a summer fan either – well, not super hot weather. I don’t mind the cold, but snow is frustrating.

Of course N loves it as most children do. He’s been quite lucky because the last few years we’ve had enough snow for him to play out in. And before that, he’s had a couple of winters with snow. But I dread it every year.

Snow is pretty.

It’s beautiful to photograph.

I don’t mind getting outside in it to walk in.

But the inconvenience factor is awful. Yes, we’re only the UK and don’t have it anywhere near as badly as other countries. But we can’t cope with it.

People drive stupidly in it. I have an all wheel drive car that gives me a little more confidence, but however sensibly you drive, you have to remember other people might not drive to the weather.

Round our way, it’s rare we have the roads gritted. Even the main road isn’t the best, and because some of the roads are quite exposed with open fields besides the hedges, if there’s a decent amount of snow there’ll often be snow drifts across the roads.

This year’s snow was due on the day I had a big annual work event. We were on snowwatch all day, but it did luckily hold off until late that night. We woke to pretty perfect snow in my eyes.

snowman on garden table

Just enough snow for N to get outside and make a (mini) snowman. Enough snow for all the children at school to make a huge snowman and play out in it. And if I’d not had to work, there was enough to go out for a walk to take some photos.

mini snowman

N went out for 20 minutes before school. I couldn’t believe he’d got out there before me so he got to walk across the clean virgin snow. I was gutted!

But what made it perfect snow?

The roads. For once, the council got it right with gritting. The gritting lorries went past at least twice in the night, and again early morning. Even at 7 in the morning, cars were driving past with no problems, the school bus went past. The roads were totally clear.

The children weren’t impressed because school was open. Not able to clear the car park, they had a single track cleared by the builders working opposite, enough for cars to drive straight through. So all the staff were outside to get kids out of cars while parents just drove in, stopped, dropped and drove out again. A great system, although I felt for the teachers – it was pretty cold.

playing in the snow

The snow had stopped falling by 10am, so by the evening we were happy to head out for a quick pizza as tennis had been cancelled. What I was amazed about was how many schools in town were closed, yet most of the village schools stayed open. By Saturday morning there was just a bit of snow left on the grass and certain sides of the hills.

It was my kind of snow.

The snow that doesn’t inconvenience life. Doesn’t cause much danger on the roads. And is gone a day later.

How do you feel about snow? Di you have much the other week?

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  1. Snow is always great when you’re a child and can have a day off school to play out all day. Hope it hasn’t caused too many issues on the farm for you. It can be easy looking after the livestock when the snow comes down

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