how to get jumper ready this season

How to get jumper ready for colder seasons

It seems I’ve turned into a bit of a jumper obsessive.  Usually I don’t wear too many of them because in the office I’d usually be in top and cardigan, but now I’m working from home, and the weather’s turned cooler, I’ve rediscovered jumpers.

It helps that I’ve lost some weight too because they fit better. They don’t look so bulky, and so far I’ve not needed to add lots of layers underneath, a vest top has sufficed (although I’ll have to layer up once it gets colder still.

I’ve sold on most of my old oversized jumpers on Vinted, and dug out some of my old ‘new’ jumpers that I’d not previously worn. Either they were a little tight before, or I’d put them away and forgotten about them.

My usual colours I wear is lots of navy. In summer I wear a bit more colour, but winter I tend to opt for navy and some burgundy, maybe a little purple. But this year I keep seeing so many colourful jumpers I like the look of, I’m trying to hold back buying them all. How many jumpers does someone really need?!

how to get jumper ready this season

Luckily there’s lots of choice, and there are also quite a few independents that have popped up (or are more visible thanks to social media) in the last couple of years. Many are based on hoodies or sweatshirts which I don’t really wear unless we’re camping and it’s cold in the evening. I have a couple of hoodies though and don’t need any more. But I wanted to share some of my favourite places to buy jumpers.

Sugarhill Brighton

For bright and colourful prints, Sugarhill Brighton always has lovely clothes. Their jumpers usually come in a variety of colourways, some fully patterned, others with colourful (and sometimes glittery) motifs. Stripes, animal print, spots, stars and rainbows are some of the designs. I had to restrict myself but could easily have chosen at least 2 more.

I love the pink ombre design, but I chose a navy and pink stripe, as well as the sky blue animal print with hearts. The cut turned out to be slimmer fit on the plainer one, while the animal print is baggier fit.  Even N likes the animal print one – he was very complimentary about it. One of my male colleagues also commented positively on it. Big tick (although why it’s males who like it I don’t know!).

Sugarhill Brighton also plant a tree for every order, give 10% of profits to charity, and use recyclable/recycled paper packaging. They’ve also expanded lots of their range to a size 22.

Roman Originals

I don’t often buy from Roman – our shop in town is quite fuddy duddy in their selection, and I’ve heard they’re a bit funny about returns. I’m not so keen on their fit for some items either – you have to pay for postage on online returns too so you want to be pretty sure you’ve got your measurements and size right. They do have some nice jumpers though from tunics to more fitted styles. They’re big on stars, colour blocking, and different necklines.


We don’t have any M&Co shops near us, but they’ve a great selection online, and the prices aren’t too bad. I’ve had a few jumpers from them, including a lovely bright jade coloured blouson sleeve, and rainbow stripes.  Sizing seems to be pretty spot on, and if they have issues with delivery you get an email apology and money off next purchase vouchers which I was quite impressed about.


This season’s choice of jumpers at GAP isn’t great – just quite plain basics. But I’d usually check them out just in case they’ve anything nice. In the past they’ve had some lovely ones. We used to have an outlet store, but it’s gone, and all now online. It’s a shame as I bought a lot of N’s basics and his jeans from there when their VIP 40% offer was on.

New Look

If you can stomach trawling through all the hundreds of terrible items (there’s way too many peplum blousers and tops for my liking), sometimes there’s a gem of a jumper. I’ve spotted a really nice houndstooth pattern which I was tempted by, but the length wasn’t right for me.  Generally New Look are bargains, so as long as you choose a more classic style, you’ll be able to get years of wear out of them.

Neon Marl

If you’re a sweatshirt or hoody type, then Neon Marl is a great option. With thumb holes, and neon coloured motifs, they stand out as something different.

St Berts

I’m mostly a fan of St Berts for their surf and ski inspired t shirts, and sweatshirts for children, but they also do adults sweats with lots of rainbow/stripe detailing, and really soft sweatshirt material.  Unless you know you’re going to wear the sweatshirts day in day out, then wait for the sales as they’re not the cheapest.


(or ebay, charity shops, or any other pre-loved store). I’m not a big preloved clothes buyer although I do sell lots of our unused or grown out of items. But I’ve been keeping an eye on Vinted and Ebay for possible purchases. I love a bargain, but knowing what my wardrobe is like for little/unworn items there are lots of new items for sale on Vinted. Unfortunately if I’m buying second hand I don’t want to spend upwards of a fiver unless they’re a more expensive high street brand. I find that most items available in my size either aren’t that nice, or are just overpriced. I have found a Christmas jumper for N and a smart shirt, so things are out there, you just need to keep a watch out to find them. Which is the same for charity shops.

Tips on getting good value from purchases:

  • Buy via cashback sites to buy online. I use Top Cashback and have done for years. Get money when you buy via them.
  • Sign up for newsletters, especially for first time shopping. They usually come with % off for first time buyers.
  • If you’re thinking about buying or are buying ahead, try adding something to your basket when signed in, and leaving. You might get an email with an offer to encourage you to buy.
  • Compare prices – while it’s better to buy direct for independents, do keep an eye out for branded items at other retailers. For example, ebay or Amazon, or other outdoor shops if buying waterproof jackets. Often they’ll have slightly better prices.
  • Check return policies if buying online. Some you have to pay for return postage if you don’t have a store to return to. Annoying if you only order one item, then have to pay for postage to return it – so you end up paying 2 lots of postage but keep no items. So either make sure you check the size guide before ordering, or buy in store to check sizes first.
  • Use mobile cashback sites. These will cover in store purchases as well as online for different stores. You just sign up and anything from applicable stores/restaurants paid for with your linked cards gives you points you can put against reward vouchers. You can also use apps to upload purchase receipts which give you points that are exchanged to vouchers (I use Shoppix and Store Rewards.
  • Buy second hand. Quite often you can find new items for bargain prices. And it’s more sustainable than buying new.

What shops should I add to my jumper buying list?

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