Tips for buying baby clothes

Now I love shopping. I did before I was pregnant and I still do now, although having no need to be at work for the moment and having virtually no disposable income is an issue as I don’t want to be stuck in the house but there’s lots of shops to tempt me. And now, there’s baby clothes,to tempt me.

Obviously N’s growing at a ridiculously fast rate at the moment as well…at 4 months old he’s just moving into 6-9 month vests and sleepsuits although most of his 3-6 month clothes still fit so it is expensive keeping up even though eBay and the supermarkets are a great source of cheap clothing. And don’t forget local buying pages, Vinted or any local baby sales like NCT.

He’s also got quite a few of the presents that people gave him to get through still as a lot of those were 6-9 months. Unfortunately though, while it’s good to get larger size presents, all assumed it’d be autumn by the time he was in them so most are going to be too warm to wear at the moment given we’re currently seeing warmer weather than the Mediterranean!

I have to admit to having bought him lots of clothes. Everytime I’ve seen sale items that are a real bargain, or if I’ve had vouchers, I’ve bought something so he has a wardrobe crammed. I have to stop buying now for thus age group and the next as he s got plenty to see him through. I’m just hoping he slows his growth right down when he gets to 6 months to give him time to wear everything.

Tips for buying baby clothes

1. Don’t buy expensive things

There’s no point as cheap clothes as this stage don’t get worn enough to wear out (unless you have a really explosive pooey baby and then you wouldn’t want them in expensive gear anyway. The supermarkets do really lovely clothes, check out eBay, car boot sales and NCT nearly new sales.

2. Buy lots of vests

Unless you want to do washing everyday, make sure you have lots of vests. I tend to have about 10 as he wears one in the day and another at night. Sleepsuits you would probably need lots when they’re young, but now he’s in outfits during the day, only needs about 6 or 7 for night time. I am planning to move him into pyjamas for the next size up. They’re quicker and easier to just whip off the trousers for changing than a sleepsuit at night, although he is currently sleeping through.

3. Avoid complicated fastenings

While dungarees look cute, they’re a right faff to get on and during nappy changes, so ours never get worn often. We wear a lot of jogging trousers and comfy soft cargo trousers style.

We do have some denim in this next size up so hopefully they won’t too uncomfortable to wear. Then lots of t-shirts, rompers for the summer, and one coat, plus a couple of thin zip up jackets. I tend to layer clothes rather than using a blanket when we go out.

4. Always check sizing charts

Thankfully clothes seem to come up larger than vests and sleepsuits so last longer, but do check sizing charts for each store as some like Gap and Sainsbury come up smaller than others like Tesco. Plus some are in length or weight, and they can vary.

What sort of baby clothes have you been buying or found easiest to use?

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