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Teething solutions

The problem with teething accessories is you never know how badly your child would have suffered without them.

Ns been giving painful gums for some time now. Lots of dribbling and fist sucking. He’s also had the classic vinegary smelling poos and occasional rosy cheeks  but apart from bumpy gums,there’s no sign of teeth yet.

We are using though:
1. Ashton & Parsons old style seething powder rubbed on the gums.
2. Bonjella when he screams in pain, maybe once a day. He quite likes the banana flavour so can see him getting addicted like I did.
3. Tommee tippee from birth soothed style teethers. They can have them in their mouths to chew on and don’t have to hold them in. N can now hold his and take it in and out, but I was surprised he likes them given he won’t take a dummy.
4. Sophie the Giraffe, the 61 year old French iconic rubber teething toy.  Still to be determined hoe much he likes it, but I think it’s fab.
5. Teething bling we have a bangle which I can wear and he can grab and then chew if wanted. They do gorgeous pendants as well.  An alternative is a Gumigem pendant. I found them on Facebook and they have necklaces with pull apart class for safety and again in lots of different designs.
6. An amber anklet. Ours is from Dino Daisy and is the adjustable sort allowing for growth, plus I can wear it as a bracelet. My OH hates it as he thinks it’s not manly so keeps removing it. I had left it off, but now have put it back on his ankle as he was in a lot of pain today. Basically the oils from the amber are warmed by the body, and are drawn into the skin to help immunity to pain. That’s the theory, whether it works or not we don’t know, but I want to help him as much as possible.

But overall his favoured item is my finger or his own fist. At the moment we have a morning and afternoon 5 minute painful screaming session, so it’s essential to try and distract him as the rest of the time, he doesn’t seem in too much pain.

What did you/are you using for teething?

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