Who to smile at? A baby’s smile

My son’s generally a smiler. His most prolific times of day are first thing in the morning and on the changing mat. However, he’s also pretty good at smiling to order if asked.

But, yesterday we were with my best friend who potentially i’ll be asking to be godmother, and would he smile? No. A half smile as we left them, but otherwise none. Oh yes, and when she took him off for a walk, he them thew up over her shoulder..

Instead of smiling for friends, he reserves his smiles for random people in coffee shops. Babies do the funniest things sometimes! Although he did owe the shop assistants, because he’d been screaming his head off for milk a moment before.

So I have a little flirt.  I dread the day he becomes a teenager and starts flirting for real with his babie’s smile.

Do your babies always look like they’re trying to charm people?

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