Summer holiday firsts - Bubbablue and me

Enjoying summer holiday firsts

This year’s holiday firsts were never going to beat last years when N went on a plane for the first time.  But 3 weeks in to this summer and he’s already had some pretty fun firsts.

As children grow up you forget the milestones and the firsts they’ve done, so sometimes it’s nice to remember and celebrate them.  Last year N did a scrapbook for the summer, and I’d like to get him to do another one this year. Although I don’t think we’re going to get up to as much as last year.

Summer holiday firsts - Bubbablue and me

N’s firsts this summer have been a real mix:

Swimming pool wave machines

When we went camping we spent the wet morning at the LC pool.  It’s a great leisure centre. There’s a few pools, 3 huge slides, a smaller slide for younger children, a lazy river, bubble area and N’s highlight, the wave machine.  I’ve never seen a child be so excited about the countdown to it.  He worked out we’d been in it 6 times in the 2 hours we were there.

As a parent it’s a bit of a worry because children love to go deeper but do get swept easily and it gets busy when the waves are on.  I found I was getting moved about a lot, unless I stood side on ready to grab N and his friend T as they were all over the place.  Other adults get swept around too and I was surprised they didn’t get bashed because I did.

Since arriving home N is keen to find a local pool with a wave machine.  We know of a couple so might have to make the trip to one at some point.

Using the pressure washer

On the farm we have a pressure washer for the tractors and vehicles. The other day I discovered that N was given the job of working the pressure washer to clean the small trailer.  I’m hoping his uncle or dad helps him, because he’s only little and light, and the pressure blast can be strong. But N was so excited about it.  And told me it was very important not to ‘get the spray on your skin because it’ll take a layer off because it’s really strong’.  Errr. Hmmm. Let’s hope someone’s helped him with it.

A whole film at the cinema

N loves minions and Despicable Me films, so on another wet day on holiday I said I’d take him to the cinema to watch Despicable Me 3.  Ok, so it’s not a total first.  He did go and see Peppa Pig on a friend’s birthday a couple of years ago with their family, but it was like tv episodes and not with me. The only time I’ve taken him he made me walk out of Finding Dory because he was too scary.

This time he loved Despicable Me 3.  We laughed all the way through.  It didn’t seem too long (it helped that we arrived after the start of the adverts – blimey, 35 minutes of ads and trailers for PG/U films is way too long).

After that cinema success I expect to be asked to return to the cinema in future to see other films.

Tennis camp

We’ve been playing quite a bit of tennis in the garden over the holiday – thankfully our patio isn’t far off mini tennis court size.  We’ve not yet made it to the courts.  But on Wednesday N had his first tennis camp. Well, tennis and multiskills.

It was run by his tennis club coaching team and held at his school courts.  I was just praying for no rain because there isn’t an alternative for a whole load of kids running around indoors.  My hope was that he would spend some time with other children from his school, get some practice in and know that the occasional all day (10-3) sports or activity camps were good things.  They’ll hopefully give me more options in future school holidays rather than him getting bored with his dad on the farm.

He had a great time. There were children of all ages, including some from his usual tennis club sessions and school.  They did tennis in the morning then were able to choose in the afternoon so he continued with tennis again. He was pleased to receive a prize of a racquet grip for Learner of the day, and couldn’t stop talking about his new friend Will.  The biggest thing he learn was that at Will’s school they’re made to eat their sandwiches first before anything else. So funny – it had to be about food.

Hopefully come next summer, he might be more open to try some other summer camp activity days.

What have your children been up to for the first time this summer?


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