Shower and bed confusion

We redecorated our bathroom a few years ago.  Well I say redecorated, but really we changed around the suite (it was cheapo bamboo colour before, and I wanted white) and painted. I’m not a bit decorator – I’d much rather pay to get someone in to blitz the place, but that’s not what the OH believes, so the place is still pretty much undecorated apart from the living room (which needs redoing after about 14 years!).

Strangely, when the house was built, the plumbing was put in the inside of the house, instead of more normally the outside wall, so the plumber we used this time moved it all around for us.  A much more simple configuration, and with the plumbing in a better place.  (Although it’s not really worked as the new toilet always blocks so we can’t use it!  Expensive change and annoying as we now only really have 1 loo, well, 2 but we never use the one in the downstairs shower room, only the cloakroom one).

After staying with friends in New Zealand way back, we decided to go for aqua sheeting rather than tiles, as it should have meant less faff with grouting, only needing sealant to join the bath and bottom of the sheeting.  All good.  But we’ve needed to redo it for a while as we must have a leak…wet walls below and flaking paint.  Urgh.

I had the joy of a trip to a DIY store to buy a sealant gun.  I have no idea and the OH’s instructions were ‘see if you can get blue’.  Yeah right.  Clear or clear.  Couldn’t even find white in the ‘failsafe application’ products.  Of course, the OH wouldn’t let me anywhere near proper DIY (he moaned about my painting technique in the bathroom, but given it was my first ever time painting, I didn’t do a bad job), so it’s been sitting in the kitchen for ages until he got round to it the other day.

The annoying thing about DIY in the bathroom is that you can’t use the shower for ages afterwards.  Luckily we do have a downstairs shower room which is now unused since putting in a good shower/pump for the pressure upstairs.  Oh, and then we realised that N won’t be able to have a bath…he is not a fan of the shower, although will ‘swim’ under it in the bath.  Big progress.

So Wednesday evening we had to let N know that he would be having a shower as the bath was broken. 


‘Downstairs in the shower room’

‘We have to move the beds downstairs too’.  Errrr?  Yes, in the logical mind of a 3 year old, if we’re showering downstairs, that means we’ll be sleeping downstairs too.

He was still going on about bringing beds downstairs when he and his dad went for their shower (yes, N actually had a shower, maybe he will when he goes swimming now too?!).  He just could not get his head around the fact that he would still be sleeping upstairs in his normal bed.

Have you had similar confusion with having bathroom vs cloakroom or downstairs showers?

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  1. There was some confusion when I asked middle man to wash his hands in the toilet :-/

    1. Holidays are confusing for them. For N even more so, as usually it’s just him and me so he wants to see his dad, and thinks he’s going home for tea.

  2. That’s the mind of a three year old for you! The slightest change in routine and all their alarm bells start ringing. I hope your bathroom is nicely done by now!

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