Outdoor weekend fun – mini golf, parks and farm shows

Just a quick one for a round up of outdoor weekend fun and activities.

With a largely sunny and warm weekend (excluding the horrendous Saturday morning downpours), it meant lots of outdoor play for N to get stuck into.  So lots of photos to choose from.  I’m also using both my phone camera and my compact. Damn that my phone battery runs low when using the camera all day, and damn that my compact won’t share to instagram.  So a bit of mix and matching.

We started off the weekend with an impromptu trip to the park with his best friend from nursery school.  For the first time ever there were other people there, but the boys still made the most of it.

Swing in the park
“look, no hands”

:Once the rain had passed on Saturday, N spent some time playing out on the patio with his uncle.  The mini golf set got brought out, although N didn’t take much notice of his uncle’s attempt to teach him

playing mini golf

Sunday we went to Tractor Ted’s farm show.  N was really excited to see and have a go on the Tractor Ted bouncy tractor.

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  1. Looks like you had a great outdoorsy weekend! He seems to be having great fun on that swing!

    1. Definitely good for a laugh, and N’s surprisingly good at connecting. Just not very controlled with how and where he’s hitting it

  2. I love the shot of them on the swing, looks like loads of fun!

    Thanks for linking up with Point + Shoot xx

    1. Those swings are good, although N never seems to stay on for long. He’s a flitterer when he’s at the park, running from one to the next piece of equipment!

  3. Looks like a great weekend was had by all! Lovely to see some sunshine too in your pics 🙂

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