tommy tippee bib

Tommee Tippee bib – Xplora roll n go bib review

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We’ve been a fan of roll-up silicone bibs for a while now.  They’re much better than fabric ones, and as they’ve still got the pelican bib it means all the dropped bits get caught.  We have an old Tommee Tippee bib and a Boots own brand one, but have to admit that to date I’d preferred the Boots one.  It was a bit more structured which meant it wasn’t as good to roll up, but the bib bit on the old Tommee Tippee one stayed quite flat so didn’t really catch the food.

But, we’ve been sent a new improved Tommee Tippee Xplora roll n go bib to try out.

It’s made from the same soft silicone, it’s in a fabulous jade green colour (more green than the blue it looks in the photos), but I’ve noticed two improvements which make it much better than the old ones.

tommy tippee bib
Roll up bib
  1. It’s got a proper ‘bib’ part which seems wider – so a better opening and stays open to catch  any bits.
  2. There aren’t as many holes, but the fastenings for the holes seem better – instead of the one size hole, there’s a bigger one which you slot the bit in and then pull across to the smaller part to hold it in.  Seems more secure.
toddler eating breakfast
N eating breakfast with the new improved Tommee tippee bib

As per usual with silicone, it’s easily washable either in soapy water in the sink, or in the dishwasher.

We also like the fact you don’t have to just roll it, you can now roll and kind of slot the roll into the bib bit.  Nice and tidy!

Obviously N’s happy any way, as long as he gets his food!

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