Growth spurts

We’ve now embarked on the hellish 15-19 week developmental growth spurt. I’m obsessed with the book The Wonder Weeks with accompanying website which really helps explain the stages babies go through, and helps you track where your baby is as well as giving you tasks to help your baby through each period.

Although I thought we’d only just started it (signs are feeding more frequently, fussiness, clingyness, crying more, not wanting to sleep or sleeping more). Iy seems we may have started last week given N’s managed to put on 11oz in a week! I think the average is 4-7oz but given that the last few days he’s actually been drinking less per 24 hour period, at least his body’s using the milk efficiently.

He’s always been a hungry baby, feeding every 2 hours in the daytime, but I really want to try and hold off weaning him til six months of possible because I want to do Baby Led Weaning rather than going down the puree route. But we’ll have to see whether he can continue to be fulfilled on milk only as he’s quite a big baby so people say he may need food earlier. 

He’s already showing an interest in watching us eat, it other than that he doesn’t tick any of the ‘are they ready’ guidelines so we’ll see how he goes over the next couple of months.

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