Nappy changing games

I have just seen the funniest thing…not really good when you’re trying to have quiet downtime before bed.

N’s now at the ‘do what you get told to do’ stage in terms of putting things away and trying to do real life tasks.  We’d got his pj top on, but he was wandering round avoiding me just in his nappy with me patiently (mmm, maybe not!) waiting for him to come over and lie down on the mat so I could put on his new nappy.

Of course, doing the whole ‘try to communicate normally’ with the toddler and telling him what we needed to do, I suggested he take his nappy off so we could put on the new.  Either he’s a bit dim and hasn’t worked out that he could remove it, or he’s just lazy and can’t be bothered. He just grabbed the wet bulging front a few times (one hand only as the other thumb was still in his mouth at this stage), then picked up the new nappy, opened it up and shoved it between his legs.

Imagine the party game where you have balloons between your legs and have to move the balloon passing it along between knees, walking between the people…well, that’s what it was like.  He was clasping the new nappy between his legs, still with the old full nappy on and trying to wander about.  I was in hysterics!  I’m not sure he knew what was so funny.

Luckily he was totally un-fazed by my laughter and then just lay down and let me swap them over as usual.  I just wish I’d had my camera or phone upstairs to take a snap.

Nappy hanging time can be a lot of fun with a toddler.

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