mummy and baby at the baby show

Baby show…Fisher Price pros

I promised a review on The Baby Show at the NEC, visited yesterday on the Friday.  I’d previously been to the Earl’s Court one when pregnant (not buying anything!), but this time was going to meet up with both my NCT and Babycentre friends.

The great thing about the show is obviously they cater for prams & changing facilities, plus it’s never as crammed with people as the craft shows I’ve been to at the NEC.  Disappointingly the 2 suppliers I was hoping would be there weren’t, and I was planning on getting advice on light strollers, but there were only the strong large from birth ones available.  However, the talk we heard on weaning from the Plum person was interesting, and it was a bonus getting free photos taken of N & myself even though he got grotty and starting crying.  The photo’s been entered into the Face of the Baby Show competition – lots of babies will be entered, but would love to think he has a chance…not sure we want to really win though as OH will refuse to let him be a model which is what one of the prizes is!

There were lots of new products to see.  The one that was being highlighted was the Fisher Price easy clean highchair.  When my babycentre group get together, we always try to get a photo of the babies together and we decided to line up the highchairs.  Only 5 out of the 7 of us were in the same place at the same time, but we managed to get some lovely pictures (and coos from passing show attendees!).  Personally I think Fisher Price should be using the images to show how much babies love their highchairs.

baby show photo

mummy and baby at the baby show

Baby show NEC 18 May 11 BC meet up

The one annoying thing about these shows is they’re always inhabited by Eon and Npower companies (plus Club la Costa holiday – grr, hate them after they left continuous messages on my home phone trying to get money out of me for a ‘holiday’ I’d supposedly won!).  Every time you walk past, you get accosted by them trying to flog you their services.  It’s meant to be a baby show, not a ‘flog you electricity’ service show.

Needless to say, although we did lots of walking round all the stands, I came away having only bought a few items.  A brilliant widgey style pillow to use to support N when he’s sitting as well as for tummy time, and a starter Nuby bottle with handles plus a brilliant bendy teether which he loves.  I’ve also gone home and ordered a snooze shade at show prices.    I did come home with lots of freebies (weaning spoons, free baby milk/cereal) and hopefully will find i’ve won one of the lots of competitions I entered.

I’m not sure I’d go again…really once your child is past weaning there’s no point, but it was a good chance to meet people, see what’s new out there, and get some bargains if you’ve got specific items to buy.

Do you enjoy baby shows?

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