Swimming babies

Last Wednesday we had our first Waterbabies class.  All very exciting and very cute to see all the babies in their happy nappies and wetsuits.  Our NCT group (minus 1) are doing the session together, plus there’s another mum and similar aged baby and another older baby (who turned up late…I mean, who turns up late to an expensive Waterbabies session when the session is only 20ish minutes long, AND when they ask you to be there 20-30 minutes early for the first one!).

The timings of our session isn’t that great as it’s over lunch which coincides with nap times, and also doesn’t really fit with when N’s usual feeds are, so I fed him 2 hours beforehand as he wanted, then tried to top him up with a couple of ounces about an hour before the session.

We did lots of water bobbing, some brilliant extended arm ‘swimming’ with them on their front (N even kicked as though he was swimming, but did enjoy chewing my hand at the same time!), started practising the ‘ready’ technique to get them used to preparing to take a breath for going under, and they even did their first underwater ‘swim’. 

N was grinning at me so massively, he was a little shocked when he was dunked so came up crying and spluttering.  Hopefully he’ll remember to close his mouth for the next session tomorrow.  It all ends with a sleepy twinkle twinkle little star song, and a manic screaming changing room rush/crush as they all decide they want feeding.

Our instructor Belinda is lovely.  The babies all seem really happy with her too which is good.  We’re really looking forward to the next session – can’t wait to see N progress and start to really enjoy the water even more.

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