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School days – open morning, PTA events and Lego

It’s back to busy busy this week again at school but we’re on the countdown to half term.  It’s gone so quickly with it being a short term.  Thanks for all the comments last week about my School Days  posts.  Don’t forget, if you’ve got a post on the school theme, then you can link up below and I’ll visit, comment and share on social media.

Lego club

I was astonished at the weekend when N started telling me all about Lego club on a Thursday lunch time. Eh, he forgoes playing outside for building lego.  It was news to me.  Given he didn’t want to do any after school clubs or sports, and isn’t obsessed with Lego, it was a shock.

He tells me he and his friend go, and one of the staff run it.  And they just build what they want.  N supposedly built a jet car the other day, to go to space. He seems oblivious to who else goes to the club, but seems to enjoy it.  Maybe in future he’ll want to try some other clubs too.

playing Connect four
A bit of Connect Four with his uncle


After being VIP last Friday, he was VIP again this week . My little star.  Of course I’ve no idea what for although he said he was doing good work.  It could have been anything really.  Each time they are VIP, star or learner of the week, they get a team token to put in their tubes, and at the end of term and year, the teams with the highest number get privileges.  I’m gutted for N because the team that’s way in the lead is the one that all his cousins have been in.  He’s the only one of the family in a different team, and the cousins were all expecting him to be in the same with them.  He doesn’t seem bothered, but I think it’s a bit sad.

Reading or not

Hmm, I’ve mentioned before about the really dull reading books, and how I struggle to get N to do them.  When he gets back from afterschool club it’s nearly 6 and he’s ready to chill out so trying to get him to read is hard.  When I wrote in his reading record book that (we do try and get him to read some bits out of other books instead), there was a note back.  Naughty mummy (because the OH never does reading with him) needs to make sure he always reads his books.

So this week I’ve had 3 evenings of Sid’s Pit.  And he’s doing really well.  I have to ban tablet, tv and food until he’s done it, but he has and his reading is improving.  Although he won’t blend out loud.  He just says the sounds, and he’ll either try the word in his head or guess.  So I have to get him to say the blended word along with me.

It’s all getting better though, now I just need to persuade him that each day we need to do another word or two out of his word envelope.

Open Morning

This week included an open morning.  Parents can go in in the morning and look at work the children have done in their books, and those hung on the walls.

N’s starting to write what he’s hearing and I spotted some interesting pictures with a description written underneath to show what the picture is.  He’s very confident of his single phonic sounds, and some of the doubles, so he’s coming on well.  Not so brilliantly that he wants to sit and write more than one thank you card at a time though.  It’s going to be a long wait for all the people waiting for thank you letters.

PTA curry and quiz night

Not one for N, but one for the parents, Friday was the first of the PTA events for the year.  Being a curry and quiz night, a group of us girls ganged up to make a team, leaving the men at home.  We turned out to be the smallest time (of 6), and the only one single sex.  In previous years the team has never come better then second to last…I’m a tad competitive and love quizes, so I was determined we’d do better this year.

The curries were made by one of the mum at the school, and were delicious.  The school hall looked beautiful, decorated in an indian theme, with gorgeous ornate lamps, colour changing lanterns on the tables and fairy lights.

pink coloured indian lantern

We had a great time chatting away – most of us with children across the different classes, some who went last year and will be going on this year’s camping trip.   It turned out we did quite well – getting a consistent 5 out of 8 for each round, and storming the geography map and film picture round definitely helped. We thought we’d have not done that well, but it turned out we came 3rd.  Add to that 5 out of 6 of us ending up with a prize in the raffle, and it was a good night all round.

I guess next year we can’t have the name ‘The Losers’.  Nothing like starting off pessimistically.

So a good school days week all round, and roll on the final week before half term.

If you’ve got a post based on a school theme, do come and link up for a comment and share.  I’d love to read about what your children have been up to.

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    1. I’m not surprised. Just being involved with the school seems to have a lot of politics going on. And it’s always the same people doing all the work.

  1. Sounds like a good week, lego club – I am sure they never had that when I was at school but I can imagine Monkey enjoying something similar. The reading sounds like hard work, glad he’s improving it will be us come Sept. Well done on the quiz night too x

  2. Sounds like a good week. My little boy would adore a Lego club. Maybe it would spare me from having to pick up so much of it at home!

  3. A busy but fun week, it seems. I know how tired my daughter is by the end of the day, although she’s a year or so younger still, and can imagine how tricky it is to start reading then. Sounds like it’s getting better though.

  4. Sounds like a great week. Love the idea of a lego club, it would be nice way for the kids to chill out at break time, I’m sure the playground can get quite noisy and overwhelming sometimes! The curry and quiz night sounds awesome too, they don’t have stuff like that at our school.

    1. Oh, I thought all schools had a PTA type of thing for fundraising. Ours is a bit of a staff/parent run thing because noone would volunteer for the main roles, and many who’ve done it in the past are sick of doing it. Doesn’t help that they organise meetings in the day time!

  5. Sounds like a very busy week. But envious of your curry and quiz – sounds fun! I never get out anywhere. Well done to your boy – sounds like he’s doing brilliantly 🙂

  6. Sounds like a busy week, my boys were Lego mad and would have happily stayed in to play it rather than go outside!

  7. I think he’s had you on a bit, clearly he adores lego! How cute is it that they have a lego club?! wish i could join lol aww its such a shame he is in a different team from his cousins, you will have to do something special instead

  8. I guess N loves Legos more than he let on, hope they win with the VIP tokens. I also like the idea of curry and quizz I would be there for the curry though lol

  9. I love the idea of the Curry and quiz night – I will make this a suggestion at my next PTA meeting (I’m the only dad on it!!!). I’m sure you will do better next time around.

  10. I find that the whole reading thing is a bit of a pain! F is the same – she’s exhausted when she gets home from school and the last thing she wants to do is go over spellings or read her book. I kind of think that at this young age (she’s 5) there shouldn’t be such an emphasis on attaining the next level all the time, but that’s my issue with the wider education system as a whole. Too much pressure too young, if you ask me. Anyhow, we get around it by trying to do reading at least three times a week in the morning before she goes to school. I find that although the mornings are manic and it’s a rush, she has far more interest and motivation to sit and read for 5 minutes at that time of day than after school. It’s a toughie though!

    1. I agree on the tiredness front and using mornings. Ours are run with military precision so it’s hard to do. But i’ve now ended up rewarding him for doing the reading in the evenings. Thankfully we do get 3-4 days with each books, so there’s a few chances to read it.

      Fingers crossed they get onto more interesting books soon and get more excited about reading them.

      I’m pleased that our school only expect reading this year, although he has an envelope of words he needs to know by the end of the year. That’s harder to get him to do than the books!

  11. Lego club sounds such fun….What a great idea.
    It sounds like your boy is getting on really well at school! Good on him! You must be very proud.
    It sounds like you had a great night out. Well done x

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