dinosaur models set up

Project 366 2016 week 5

Week 5 of Project 366 and it’s been a funny one for photos.  I’ve not been particularly inspired to take pictures, we’ve not really been out to do anything or take any, and home has consisted of a lot of tablet play by N.  I’ve scraped together the photos from this week, and hopefully with half term on the way we’ll get some more interesting events coming up!

On Sunday it was N and his friend’s joint 5th birthday party.  There’s a post in the offing, but the photo I chose was once we’d got home.  We didn’t think to put ‘no presents’ on the invites which means there was an obscene number of presents for each boy.  N spent a fun afternoon opening everything to find a quarter of them involved dinosaurs.  He’s not generally been that interested in dinosaurs, but he was excited to see them, and spent a good long time setting up this tub of dinosaurs and habitat to play with…along with his tractors.

dinosaur models set up

On Monday I was short of photos, but this week N’s started creeping into bed with me in the mornings. Children’ do always look so sweet when asleep although with his hands behind his head it looks like N’s just pretending.

sleeping boy

On Tuesday I popped out for a wander at lunchtime with a friend and colleague.  I get bored just wandering to get out and about, and usually go out when I need to buy something.  So it’s good when there’s someone else who wants to go too – there’s more motivation to go walking.  My friend’s pregnant and really fancied some cake so instead of buying something to go back to the office, we headed to Druckers, a cafe/patisserie, and she chose a cake from their amazing selection…to eat in.  I’m still on my diet, so sat with her and talked.  My diet’s going really well, having lost 3 stone since early November (including with a Christmas 7lb gain), so I was pleased that even delicious cakes like this no longer ruin my willpower.

Druckers patisserie cakes

On Wednesday it was more tablet time for N with a bit before school.  In order to get him to get dressed, have breakfast in the kitchen and teethbrushed, I have to make sure he does that before having tv or tablet on.

relaxing on the sofa playing youtube

On Thursday it was time to get out the the thank you cards and start persuading N to write some.  We’ve still got them to write from his birthday a couple of weeks ago and the party.  With him only wanting to write 1 or 2 a day, it’s going to take a long time!

thank you cards

On Friday it was the school PTAs curry and quiz night.  I rarely get to have curry and love quizes, so a crowd of us girls went along leaving the dad’s at home.  They’d decorated the school hall beautifully in these gorgeous colour changing lanterns and other indian designs.  It was a great atmosphere, the curry was delicious and surprisingly we came 3rd.  So a pretty good result considering we were all girls and had the least number of people in our team.

pink coloured indian lantern

On Saturday, my dance shoe order turned up.  I’m loving being back dancing again, but my old shoes no longer fitted after having N.  I’d replaced one pair of silver ones, and now I’ve got these tan ones to have a second pair.  I think more normal shoes should take note of dance shoes making them padded inside.  Even the ones that claim to have padded soles never seem to be as comfortable.

nude west coast swing shoes

So that’s my week 5 done, and onto next week.  You can see what others have been up to by clicking through to The Boy and Me.

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  1. Well done on the weight loss! I lost three stone in six months last year. I know I’ve put some back on recently, I really need to get out of my junk food habits I have got sucked back into. I remember my dance shoes being more comfy than normal shoes, you’re right, shoe designers need to take note!

    1. Thanks Kirsty. The diet’s been hardcore, but worth it. And the party was great but I’m glad it’s only once a year. I must get my party post written up.

  2. Love your new dance shoes – I always found my dance shoes were so much comfier than any other pair of shoes I owned. That patisserie display looks amazing – my mouth is watering just looking at the photo! Love the photo of N sleeping and agree that children always do look adorable when sleeping. The dinosaur habitat set up looks like lots of fun! 🙂

  3. Well done on your weight loss and what a temptation with the cakes as well – you have strong willpower! Tractors and dinosaurs sound like a great combination for play and the quiz night sound looked perfect – I love a curry and a quiz too!

  4. Oh, those pastries look lush! I also felt not very inspired to take photos last week. I kept taking photos for blog reviews, but not much else. Well done on the weight loss (I don’t think I could have resisted having a slice of cake, when my friend had one).

  5. I’m in awe of you losing three stone since November! That’s amazing. I love the dinosaurs! It’s crazy that a quarter of his presents were dinosaurs though. I do remember years when my boys got loads of Bob the Builder or Power Rangers, neither of which they actually liked!

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