suucking his thumb after having breakfast

Project 366 2016 week 2

It’s week 2 of Project 366, ans already I’m back into the looking out for photography opportunities, although it is hard work when the weather’s rubbish.  Here’s this week’s photos.

On Sunday we went to a different part in town. N had a great time cycling round it. He loved the swings and is getting a bit more daring nowadays wanting to go higher.  I think his legs look really long here, but on measuring he doesn’t seem to have grown any.  Just slimmed down ready for the next spurt I suppose.

10th Jan 2016 (Sun)

On Monday after school, N was straight in to the kitchen, grabbing some paper and my very old nature books so he could copy some of the words. He didn’t get much further than one letter, but I love how he’s not bothered that these books really are old fashioned and how keen he is to carry on doing writing after school. Shame he’s not as enthusiastic about reading the reading books!

practising writing

My brother only lives a couple of miles away, so he often pops in. On Tuesday it was to show the OH his new wellies.  A very important topic of conversation when you’re a farmer or metal detectorist who ends up with split boots.  Of course N had to try them on although no brilliant photos because he wouldn’t stand still enough.

trying on uncle's wellies

This week like the whole of the autumn and winter we’ve had lovely sunrises (and I’m sure sunsets, although I don’t see a lot of those while in work), and I had to take some photos on the commute to work on Tuesday. It really looked like there was a massive fire on the horizon.

sunrise over north newington

To get out and make some effort at exercise I try and go out at lunchtimes for a quick walk round town. On Thursday the market was in town, and I couldn’t resist a picture of all the fruit laid out in their bowls.

fruit on the market stall

On Fridays, N tends to be exhausted. He’s pretty much falling asleep on the sofa anytime after 6pm, although he’d deny it.  He’s also taken to snuggling up with his taggy blanket again.  Not too bad, but having the blanket is pretty much his trigger for sucking his thumb so I’m going to have to tell him it’s falling apart too badly (it is!) and that it needs to be thrown out.

watching tv sucking his thumb

Usually in January we have a mammoth round of NCT birthdays, but this year people have either not had parties or have just invited school friends.  On Saturday was the first and probably the last this year apart from N’s own.  It was a little girl’s birthday with a Frozen theme.  It was touch and go whether N would be there as he really hates Frozen for some reason.  I don’t think he’s even seen the film but maybe he’s just sick of the music after it was played a lot at his nurseries last year.  He was happy enough that his best friend was there and that the food was good.  By the end he was hovering around things and joining in with the usual play.  The cakes were amazing – the kids all had a cupcake in, there was an amazing Frozen castle cake…although N was most put out that the cake in the party bag wasn’t the castle, but was a totally different cupcake.

suucking his thumb after having breakfast


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  1. Love the welly photo, mine always want to wear my husbands garden boots, but never their own!
    We are still getting frozen birthday invites, although this week we did get an avengers one and a Cinderella !
    The sunrise pic is lovely, I only seem to manage sunrises, never a sunset.

  2. N does look big sat on the swing. well done for him wanting to practice his writing and I am sure the reading will follow soon – at least he wants to write! I love that cupcake it is very pretty – Frozen is everywhere all of the girls parties that my two get invited to have it as theme! x

    1. Thanks Jenny. His reading is getting there – most of the problem with that is the time of day we get to sit down and read which is when he’s tired.

      I’m hoping there aren’t too many more Frozen parties – I don’t think I’d get him to another one!

  3. Very pretty cupcake and cool wellies! Lovely photo on the swing. We don’t hate Frozen, though my younger son prefers ninja turtles and superheroes

    1. Hmm, N’s not really into many films and definitely not characters, apart from Minions…and Horrid Henry I suppose. He’s more into read creatures or films with real people in

    1. Thanks Kirsty. If I don’t manage to take photos during the day at work, I do find it hard to get decent photos in morning and evening until the days get lighter

    1. He does love to write. Although much of the time it’s just tonnes of zig zags across the page. More so now he wants to spell names out though.

  4. That’s a very cute cupcake. Love that he hates Frozen! It’s actually a brilliant film, but it’s been totally overshadowed by all the merchandise, which turns a lot of kids against it. All of my kids ‘hate’ it too! He looks very sweet sucking his thumb.

    1. I’ve not even see it either, although Let it Go is a tad shrieky for my liking. Yep, ramming it down all their throats doesn’t help – you’re probably right there.

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