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School days year 6 April

Well, I suppose I’ve been saying it all year, but I can’t believe there’s now only 3 months of primary school left for us. April is obviously a short month when Easter’s in it. Here’s what’s been going on in April year 6 school days.

SATs prep

It’s been assessments galore, and wrapping up their learning in preparation for SATs. N’s quite relaxed about it. He always says the assessments went ok, or good. He’s happy enough that he knows he’s on track to pass, unless they suddenly have some random stuff thrown in, or he has a mental block on the day. At least he won’t be worried about testing given he’s used to it.

It’s good the tests are early in May so there’s not too much time to wait until they’re over.

April fools day

One of the boys in the class decided their year group should pretend to have all forgotten their book folders. I was surprised N wanted to take part, but I reckoned their teacher would take it in good spirits. It sounded like they got beaten at their own game by the teacher organising someone to call in and pretend they were in trouble for some ‘legal’ role plays they’d been doing. N thought it was all quite funny.

Open morning

We had the first open morning back in school. Well, in the playground. Usually at the end of each term we can go into classrooms and see our child’s books and work. With Covid, we’ve not been able to. But before Easter we were invited back in, socially distanced, with books on chairs in the playground. I think N wanted to show me every assessment booklet and book. I love looking through them but it is hard to not say anything about things he makes mad mistakes on. It’s nice to be able to be back in school again.

pencils notebooks and camera image in black and white

Egg roll

It was the return of the Easter egg roll event. Each year they take in hard boiled eggs to roll down the playground. N decided that freezing one of his eggs would make it last for longer, but in the end he used the unfrozen one. His did last intact, but others are much better rollers, so he didn’t win.

Missed target assembly

End of term was target assembly. N had missed getting his silver one before February half term because he had been off with Covid the week before so missed getting his final couple of targets he needed. So I’d expected him to get it this time. We’d counted up his targets that were ticked off, and I reckoned he was at least 2 over what was needed, N thought he had more than I’d counted. But he didn’t get his certificate. He seemed to be the only kid in his year group who hadn’t had it last or this time. So I mentioned it to his teacher that we were surprised he’d not been given it. She was going to check.

It means he won’t get it until May half term now, hopefully he’ll get his next one at the same time. 


Ever since Covid they’ve not been able to take their own reading books in from home. At first it was classroom books only, then they could get books out of the library. But now they can start using home books as reading books. N is happy about that, and it will at least mean he’ll actually read the books we’ve bought that he’s never actually got round to reading. (I suppose I can’t moan, I’ve probably got 100s of books on my to read pile/kindle).

Back to tennis

Summer term means tennis is back.  They’re still playing with red balls (which are meant for age 5-8), but this time they have got nets. N was pleased because they were able to choose their partner, so he and his usual doubles partner at tennis were rallying together. He didn’t seem to moan this time at doing tennis in school, so hopefully it’s better this time.

They’ve been told this term is the term for more sport. So they’ll be happy about that.

Matchbox fundraising

The latest fundraising efforts have been the matchbox challenge. Basically all the children have a small matchbox and need to fill it with as many bits as possible. N wasn’t that fussed about it, but I like a challenge and competition, so we did it. We managed to get 61 items in it, but after judging we had a few discounted so ended up with 58. N won his class competition, coming 3rd in the school. The first 2 places were joint, won by brothers with 74!

How’s the last month gone with your school children?

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  1. Year 6 is such a busy and exciting year. I remember with my girls it flew over. Good luck to N with his SATs.
    The open morning sounds like fun but that is a shame that N missed out his certificate at the assembly. I hope he gets it eventually x

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