division with bullet cases

School days – school sports and missing jumpers

This week’s School days has been very quiet. I’m not sure whether that’s because I’ve just been so tired, I’ve not taken a lot of notice what’s going on. Or that there has just been not much going on.  Here’s this week’s school days.


N came out of school all chuffed earlier in the week because he’d got VIP for english.  He was very surprised because he thought it would have been for maths.  I’m glad he’s getting some reward for his english, because while he might not be the best at it, he’s improved so much (when he chooses to work at it).

division with bullet cases
Division the way a farmer’s son does it…using bullet cases

Missing jumpers

Yes, we’re getting to the end of the school year soon, and that means missing items. Things still go missing (N’s green water bottle – mysteriously disappeared, although I’m not convinced N has really looked for it properly. It has his name on so hopefully will turn up at some point).

This week we’ve had 3 jumpers come home. I was expecting 1, but didn’t know that the other 2 hadn’t come home. Always a bonus when those typ of missing items turn up.

School sports

The sport at school has been disappointing this year.  Because N’s class now do swimming, they lose the Tuesday afternoon PE lesson. But in previous years, he’s done tennis in school, hockey, football and cricket, all with external coaches. I’m presuming they’re too expensive for the school to keep paying for, but it’s such a shame.

They’ve been doing a bit of gymnastics – but N moans because it’s not very interesting, and their current teacher doesn’t pull the bar and rope equipment out in the hall like his previous teacher did.  They’ve also done a hint of yoga, which he originally moaned about, but last session came out practising moves, and can still remember them a few weeks later.

This week I arrived early for pick up and caught them in the hall doing a dance session. One of the mums owns a party company and is a dance teacher, so was in for the lesson.  They looked like they were doing really well.  As a lover of dance I’m pleased N is being taught that dance is for all children, not just the girls like he often tells me.  And he’s remembering the moves to show me (if not in the right order).

With a small school I knew they weren’t likely to have primary school teams for lots of sports, but they’re not really getting the chance to try different sports that they might want to try for teams when they reach secondary school.  I can’t get N to try after school clubs, even if I could get him to them with working hours. But given they’ve had so much opportunity in the past for what are traditional school sports, it’s a shame they’re short on them this year.  Plus all of their PE so far seems to have been indoors rather than outside (weather obviously), so it’d be nice to see them playing outside.


Friday was obviously their take it easy day with dance and then origami. I presume it was part of arts, but N came home with an origami cup which he insisted was fine for drinking out of (forgetting that while it might be the first time, after that there’s weaknesses in the paper.  And not forgetting 5 paper aeroplanes with the charming spelling on the wing’s ‘N’s eroplans’.

Quiz preparations

I’m looking forward to the PTA school quiz.  We have a team of 5, we think, and hopefully we’ll raise a fair amount. I’m just hoping I don’t win raffle prizes of items I’ve donated.

What kind of fundraising do your school do?

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