Baby brain must be true

I’m usually a really organised person – lists are definitely close to my heart, and since having N they’ve been more crucial than ever.  I (think) I was fine when I was pregnant (on the whole – only a couple of birthday cards missed or late, could happen to anyone), but crikey, 9 months down the line I’m terrible.

I still use lists: every day I check my to do list religiously updating & crossing out as needed.  I still have the household calendar and my diary which I also check (would be handy if the OH sometimes remembered/could be bothered to write events on the calendar sometimes).  But, I’ve still managed some corkers.

The worst mistakes have been wedding times.  We’ve had quite a few weddings this year, and it’s not been a problem getting babysitters, getting everything needed all packed for N, weddings present deadlines all adhered to.  However, the wedding in September I both got mixed up with another wedding when rsvp-ing so was late doing that and then got the time wrong by about an hour (luckily checked in plenty of time as it was an hours drive away).  As for Saturday’s wedding.

Well, I’d checked the time on the triple fold card – yep, 3pm and then 6.30pm reception (ooh tight timings, but lots of time for me to do christening prep for the Sunday and get N to his aunt’s for babysitting).  All the stuff was packed, everything to wear/take was ready ironed and set out.  Fed N his lunch, reminded the OH what we’d chosen to eat from the menu and at 12.30 while we were tidying up lunch he luckily went to read the invite himself (something highly unusual, but fate was obviously with us that day).  “It’s at 1.30 not 3”.  Arggghhhhhh.

All I can say is thank god for me having packed all N’s things, and got all our clothes out ready to change into.  He was rushed down the road (luckily earlier was ok with my sister-in-law), we both had showers and got dressed, and we were there by just after 1pm.  Relief it was only 10 minutes drive away (although I did have a panic when the OH decided to take the long different route, and the road was blockaded by an accident & police cars).

It’ll be a talking point for a while, and many people have laughed at my baby brain already.

Other baby brain things include talking to N when he’s not in the car, commentating on everything walking round the shops (as a reminder of what I need to do) and numerous other ridiculous things.  So far, I’ve not forgotten and left him anywhere, although I expect it’s only a matter of time before that happens.

Hopefully going back to work with sort my brain out and revert me back to something resembling normality.

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