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Music is the food of baby love

I love music and I really want N to like and appreciate it as I was able to growing up and now.  Since 3 months old I’ve been taking him to Rhythm Time which builds up over the ages up to pre-school to grow through sensory music to rhythm and understanding of instruments.  I loved the idea of it as it is specifically structured by age group to help them progress.  The only unfortunate thing is that once he starts at day nursery in January we won’t be able to continue with the classes as they don’t do Saturday ones.

While I was pregnant I danced (both ceroc and west coast swing) until around 34 weeks, and he used to kick away like mad when the music was playing.  His love for music continued once he was born – when he was newborn I used to sing songs (struggled to remember the words) like Swing low sweet chariot, When the saints go marching in etc, all in a gospel style as that seemed to go down best.  I always have music on in the car to sing along to, and quite often used to put on the music tv channels – his favourites seemed to be Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez and Lady Gaga.  Fan of the pop ladies!

Now he’s a bit older, he loves to ‘dance’:  we groove around with me holding him; he likes to kick his legs when he’s being held or in his pushchair and hears music; he even now bashes on his xylophone or on a ‘drum’ (when not chewing the beater).  And his latest is shuffling his bottom forward and backwards, and shaking his head.  All very cute.

Tonight was highly amusing though – new discovery to keep him amused when it’s getting close to bedtime.  The OH had him sat with him while he was searching the internet for cows/tractors and ended up watching the Yeo Valley farm rap.  Crikey, he loved it…and the Baa-studs sheep art…and a random Tithe farm rap.   Lots of laughing, grooving, and head shaking.  So funny to watch and very appropriate – keeps father and son amused for a time while I make tea.

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