skeleton baby

Spooky Halloween babies

Halloween babies. Spooky or cute?

It seems having a baby lets you dress them up (poor them, although great photos & comeback for when they’re older and being horrible teens).  I hate fancy dress, so wanted something relatively tame for N’s first experience.  Our NCT group were having a Halloween party, and we wanted to get as many different outfits as possible…which flukily ended up being pretty much perfect.

For this, the men were also invited (although needless to say mine was working and didn’t come along…very disappointing that he’s missing out on all these occasions for N), so it was good to get everyone together again.  We were only missing one family, but we’re still trying to have an occasion when all 8 of us are at a meet again.

It was a great party – brilliant decorations (all very spooky), lovely food with donations like my spooky jelly (jelly with ‘spooky’ gummy sweets in), and a friends haunted tower cake, and a prize for the best outfit (definitely Count Dracula, although he wasn’t too impressed and had a bit of a cry at the occasion).

N wasn’t too fussed about the hat for his outfit; I was surprised it even fit his head, so he went hatless most of the time.  The unfortunate thing about sleepsuits with a crawling baby is that he spent most of his time once home, crawling at least one leg out of the sleepsuit leg.  Not comfortable although he didn’t seem to notice.

With a ghoulish glow

Of course there was the obligatory group shot.  They’re getting too active for sofa shots now, wanting to leap off, so until they learn how to do as they’re told or get excited about posing for photos, we’re unlikely to get many more group pictures.

Spider, pumpkin, skeleton, bat, dracula, cat

Roll on Christmas for the next dressing up (embarrassment) opportunity!

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