Bad mum

All mums have occasions where they believe they’re a bad mum, most of them are normal parts of having a baby or child growing up:

  • The bumps when they’re learning to crawl: so far N’s managed to pull the clothes horse (with clothes) over himself; fall back with his walker onto the stone hearth, pull a heavy kitchen chair over; and nose dived (miraculously landing sitting up) off the changing table in the swimming pool changing rooms.
  • Trapped fingers as they learn to play with their toys and household items: twiddling with the piano music stand holders; trying to close the flaps on a pop up toy; opening and closing drawers

But my worst ‘bad mum’ example has caused no injury to him or anyone else…for my birthday last month, I was given a gerbera plant pot from N.  Gerberas are my favourite flowers, so it was a lovely gift (although I was perplexed as hadn’t ever thought of a gerbera as being a pot plant).  However, I’m the worst gardener out.  I even managed to kill an African Violet back when I was in 6th form (another birthday present) and they’re meant to be indestructable.

Well, I watered it, I checked the website for care instructions, but after 3 days the flowers had died and so had the new emerging leaves.  I’m rubbish – I’ve tried to rejuvenate it, but it’s a lost cause.  I knew there was a reason why I don’t do gardening or have plants (could end up very expensive if I kill every plant I have).

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