Noisy sleeper

Good god, N’s a noisy sleeper.

On our recent road trip he was in a different room for the first two nights, but on the last two he was in a big family room with me.  We stayed at my friend’s parents B&B so it was great there was a room with lots of space to put up the travel cot and have room for him to whizz round on his wooden trike (a saviour toy to take with us – little toys he tends to get bored of quickly, but a ride on toy keeps his attention longer).

I’ve not slept in the same room as him since he went into his own room at around 6 weeks old, then we turned off the monitor at night after he’d been sleeping through for a long, so I’ve never heard him snoring, heavily breathing, shuffling, grunting.  He didn’t seem too worried about my snoring and talking (as I’ve been told I do), but crikey, I don’t want to be sharing a room with him again in a hurry.

What did make me laugh was the way I’d do our usual bedtime routine with milk, play, teeth, story, close the curtains and put him in his travel cot, but obviously then he could see me still in the room.  He’d put his head down, pretend to sleep for 5 minutes then keep popping his head up to see if I was still there.  Very funny although annoying when I was sat in the dark at 7pm with lights out and tv off waiting for him to sleep before I could turn them on again and have a bit of an evening before going to sleep myself!

We were lucky though, that he slept just as well as he does as home and that we could keep pretty much to our normal routine.  Always helpful when away, especially when adjusting back home again.

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  1. We moved ours when she was around 3-4 months old and beginning to settle in the night. We started off putting her in her own room to nap during the day to get her used to it, and then she slept there during the night. We never encountered any problems. Get Gina Ford’s ‘The Little Contented Baby Book’ to help your baby get into a routine. Once he/she is sleeping right through, there is no reason why they shouldn’t be in their own room.

    1. He’s been sleeping in his own room since 6 weeks and slept through 12 hours from about 10 weeks. Not sure you read the post right?

      Have to say that I bought GF before he was born as I wanted to get an early routine sorted, but he wouldn’t wake at the right times during the day. I gave up (apart from the vague bedtime routine) and he fell into virtually her routine on his own anyway.

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