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Kiss the girls – pretty ones only

It’s started.

N’s 5 years old and he’s already kissed a girl.

I was surprised to say the least, but then I remember back to my first school days and a 5 year old called Brian who kissed me during story time. So maybe I shouldn’t have been surprised. Especially as N is a really huggy and kissy child. Although usually only with family.

Last week I arrived at nursery to pick him up from after school club to them telling me he’d not been happy with his friend I but they were now playing nicely again. Supposedly he’d told her ‘you make my head hurt’ and wanted time away on his own. Oh dear. I hope she wasn’t too hurt by that, but I do try and encourage N to say nicely ‘I need time out and away on my own. I’ll play later’. Thankfully the staff moved him away and he had some time on his own before they played together again.

But then I was told he had kissed her too. And that beforehand had stated that

‘We only kiss pretty girls’. Cringe. I know exactly where he’s got that from. The OH and Uncle H, who act like stereotypical leery men when they tease the teenage cousins when they’re out farming about which girls they see and would prefer. Honestly men. I despair.

Nursery were worried that she’d then get upset if he didn’t kiss her, but all was well. A kiss was given and everyone lived happily ever after. I was reassured that N has no concept of pretty vs ugly. Any girl seems to be pretty in his eyes at the moment.

innocent eyes of a boy


At bedtime, I asked him what had happened and that I’d heard he’d been kissing pretty girls. Asking him why, I was told

‘Because she asked. And we kiss pretty girls’

‘What about other girls?’

‘Uncle H has the ugly ones’. Oh dear. I’m worrying now what exactly is sinking into N’s head thanks to the joking around on the farm.

What kind of inappropriate things get taught to your children? How have you dealt with the kissing thing?

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