getting his gold target award

School Days – parents evening and fun day

I’m going to be sad from this time next week, because it’ll be a temporary half to my School Days posts over the summer holidays.  But it’ll be back from September, ready for all those writing about their new school starters.

Parents evening

This week was the last parents evening of the year.  We’d had his report back the week before, so it was really a run through, a chance to ask questions, and to talk about next year.

Year 1 at N’s school get split with some staying in Class 1 with the new reception, while the rest go up to Class 2 with the year 2 children. They do still get to mix up for some lessons – for topic work they all go up into Class 2, and afternoons see them mostly all coming into Class 1.  It does sound like they don’t always do PE together which is a bit sad given that’s not dependent on anything on ability.  Gradually depending on how they get on, the lower Year 1s will move up with the rest of them.

Although N’s teacher did say that some of N’s skills were nearly exceeding, especially maths. So if his maths continues to develop as well, he could end up going to do his maths in with the higher class.  It turns out that the OH does help N with something for school.  When he goes in the tractor, N has to read the numbers on the computer, so no wonder his maths is one of his strengths.

I’m hoping that N doesn’t feel like he’s missing out too much, because he often asks why his group aren’t learning the same as the main phonics group.  He was a little disappointed when I told him that he was staying with his current teacher and wouldn’t be with his best friend, but then he remembered that a boy from nursery he gets on well with is coming up to reception so he was happier.  I’m a little concerned who else is staying down with him, because from some that I know about, he’s not a particular fan of.  I guess we’ll see how he gets on and hopefully I can wangle a little bit of holiday fun work and keep him reading over the summer so he doesn’t forget what he’s learnt.

Continuing tennis

What with a bit of Wimbledon on tv (N seems to be a big fan of anyone who’s British, especially Andy Murray), N’s finally decided that he wants to carry on playing tennis next year.  I’m not sure if it’ll continue over the winter, so we might try a Friday afternoon after school at the local club.  It’s run by the same company who do the school tennis coaching, so I’m hoping he might be keen to try it.

N’s definitely better on the sports which involved bats or rackets. He can hit a tennis ball pretty well, can whack a ball with a cricket or rounders style bat. And he’s been connecting well with the golf clubs someone gave us.  A friend had seen him with a golf club a while back and suggested hockey, but N’s refused to try that, so we’ll see when he’s a bit older.

Fun day

This Friday school had their fun day.  It was non-uniform day, and it was a day full of challenges, activities and fun food.  N was very excited that they’d had an ice lolly.

Luckily it was a nice sunny day, and N really enjoyed it.  As I expected he didn’t take up the offer of having fake tattoos, face painting or nail polish putting on.  But he said he tried lots of challenges – of course he couldn’t remember most of them.

He was their class winner of the marble challenge (flower pot with a hole in the bottom upturned, and you have to scoop as many marbles as possible into the hole before the time was up).  I’m imagining friends bringing this game out at a bbq we went to last year might have helped his technique!  He told me he was then the assistant on that challenge. N really is a bit of a ‘helper’ given half the chance.  It’s all change since I was at school – we had class monitors for some things, but the pupils back then didn’t get involved in committees or helping out at events.

sitting atop crates after fun day
Chilling out in the playground after fun day

The fun day’s a great idea and it finishes off with the target and celebration assembly.

Target awards

Each year the children have a set of targets they aim to achieve.  For each level they have to hit a certain number of them for reading, writing and maths.  On Friday N received his gold certificate (and his silver which he hadn’t picked up last time round).  He looked so happy to get it, and it was lovely to get his target tick sheet back to see what he can do plus the early years targets that he was working to.  If he’d been keener on doing writing, maybe he’d have ticked off more and got his platinum.

There’s always next year because they start from scratch with new targets each year.

getting his gold target award

One cousin down

For the first time in the OH’s family, someone isn’t going to go through the whole of N’s school.  The OH, his brother and sister both went to the school, and all of the 7 cousins ending with N.  But this week my god-daughter and niece left the school to go to a nearby private school.  It’s quite sad to see her leave – N kept mentioning her leaving this week – especially as N had only recently been moved to the same house team that she was in.  Hopefully she’ll get on well at the new school – I’m sure the bonus of a few extra holidays will be welcomed by her.

Friendship stress

Before bedtime N and I always tell each other about our days at work and school (I’m sure he gets very bored of mine and really has no idea what I do).  I always ask him who he played with today, and it’s usually his best friend or no-one.  But one day he mentioned that 2 hadn’t let him play with them because they were playing games only for 2 people, and they didn’t want him to play.  Usually it doesn’t seem to bother him, but today he was a little upset. Even after a year of me encouraging him to ask others to play with him, or asking if he can play with them, I’m not sure he does any of that.

The next day N said he played with both of them, so obviously all was ok again with the 5 year olds.

Birthday party

Two of the boys in his class had their joint party this week.  It was a rounders and rugby party,  and I knew N would be ok with rounders because we’d practised hitting a ball with a variety of bats and sticks.  But in the end, N refused to even try the rounders, and he gave up halfway through the rugby. Maybe he needs to work on being a team player!  He was perfectly happy playing with balloons with some of the other children, or playing with a bow and arrow he found.

playing bow and arrows at a party

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  1. Well done to N for getting his certificate. Friendships can appear quite fickle to us can’t they? But I’m sure they’re a huge deal to our little ones. #sharewithme

  2. Friendships can be tough – we’ve had something similar recently with one of the children. i have this theory that at this time of year they are all tired and grouchy and all a bit fed up of each other. By September things are normally fine again. Great achievements ! Thanks for joining #sharewithme

  3. Wow you’ve had a lot going on. Luckily he seems to be taking the ‘playground politics’ in his stride. It’s so hard when you think they may have been upset by something. Congratulations to him on his gold award. he looks pleased! #LoudnProud

  4. He’s had such a busy week! Well done to him on his gold certificate and his marble challenge. It sounds like he’s really got the hang of sports with a bat or racket. Those always seem like the hardest sports to me (but I have no hand-eye co-ordination!).
    The arrangements for his class next year sound rather complicated, but I’m sure it will all work out well. Friendships are always rather troublesome at this age. Even at 10, my daughter seems to be constantly swapping friends (apart from her best friend who has been consistent since reception). They just seem to drift apart, they don’t actually fall out.

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