messy baby

A few of my favourite things about N

Babies grow so quickly their favourite things come and go without much notice.  N’s current favourites are both annoying and amusing:

1, Gurning.  My son used to have a lovely smile (well he still does when he chooses).  But now instead of smiling beautifully for a camera lens, he now gurns/grimaces/grins (* delete where applicable).

Gurning baby
So much for loving the camera!

2, Shrieking.  He’s been a vocal baby from quite early on, but now his favourite and most successful means of making himself heard is this.  Of course, it’s mostly done while we’re going round the supermarket, shops or just whenever there’s a noisy room and he wants to make sure everyone knows he’s there.

3, Hair.  Now N is still growing hair, it’s taking it’s time.  But he seems attracted to other people’s hair.  Mine, his dads, Grandmas, Grans.  Long, short, dark, light, in fact anyone’s as long as they have some.  In particular he does seem drawn to his 3 little friends who are ginger.  Not sure why, but he always goes straight for hair pulling whenever he gets the chance.

4, Chewing.  This hasn’t changed since about 3 months when he started teething.  He’s permanently dribbling and chewing; hopefully he’ll stop once all his teeth have come through and once he’s got more interesting things to do.   He seems to have radar vision for any type of paper however well it’s been hidden (tearing & ripping is also good fun for him…not good when it’s his 3 year old cousin’s new Thomas birthday book – I was mortified!)

N or mouse? Which got to the box of beer first?

5, Dropping things.  This is a new development and especially applies to food.  N loves food, so he only drops it when he wants to make a point and play up.  At least it tells me that he’s finished eating, as does tipping the plate up and scrunching food in his hands.  He also likes dropping toys down the side of his car seat.

6, Music.  He loves having a little boogie – he shuffles his bottom from side to side while he’s sitting down, when standing he either shakes his head or bounces, and if he’s in a pushchair or being carried, the legs start kicking.  He seems to love music, any kind.  But Songs of Praise seems to be a particular favourite, along with the country dancing music that we ‘dance’ to at his Rhythm Time classes.  He also bangs things (not unusual for a baby), and enjoys his xylophone he has (although the foam base is also nice to chew *see point 4 above)

7, Food.  Anything so far, although does have a tendency to both drop and wipe through his hair when finished.  He has a huge capacity for it; over the last weekend he’s eaten lots due to his christening on Sunday, and his cousin’s 3rd birthday tea.  Luckily it’s quite easy to tell when he’s finished.  Today he had his first taste of chocolate cake (birthday cake from yesterdays party) and loved it.  The mess was quite something, worse than usual as he was tired and wiped chocolatey/philadelphia hands over his eyes.

Being tired means wiping my eyes even with foody hands

I’m sure these things will change over time, but it’s great experiencing all his new little foibles.

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