Trendy Thursday – summer shorts and tees

I mentioned the other week that I’d been stocking up on shorts for N in readiness for the summer, and now we’ve had some glorious sunshine and warmth we’ve been able to break them out.  Here’s hoping it lasts a while.

N seems to like wearing shorts better than trousers.  I’m not sure why, but maybe he’s just a warm little boy and finds them cooler and less restrictive.  He was excited yesterday when I pulled shorts out for him to wear.  No only shorts, but new shorts.  New trousers of any sort are a bit of a pain initially to get the adjustable waistband just right.  I’ve been loosening them a bit as it then means he can just pull them up and down when he needs to go to the toilet, but with these ones I had to pull them back in as they kept falling down.  Adjustable waistbands are a life saver – N’s not a slim thing, but even he needs them pulling in a fair way – and he’s half way through the age 3-4 size.  So I don’t know how slimmer children cope.


I love chino shorts on N.  Ok, so the jersey elasticated waist ones are fine, but they seem to look so much scruffier on N, plus don’t come in as many nice bright colours (unless you shop in Boden and get their cool knee length ones – I think they’d probably drown N in length unfortunately).  So I tend to buy some basic beige and navy ones, then look for some brighter colours as well.

As well as shorts, I’ve been getting some plainer t shirts, in more neutral colours – to go with the bright tees.  I suppose really I shouldn’t worry about him clashing at 3 years old, but it makes my eyes hurt!

So yesterday he was in

  • Grey shorts – Tu at Sainsbury’s.  They’ve got pale grey dinosaurs all over them, so makes a nice change from plain chinos, without being too bright to be awkward finding t shirts to match.
  • T-shirt – Next – bought in the sale a few years ago.  I love N in polo shirts, with buttons it makes so much less hassle if he wants to get dressed himself, rather than struggling to stretch round necks.
  • Sandals – Pediped 
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