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Beach days in Weymouth – play, stay and fish and chips

You can’t go on holiday in the UK and not go to the beach so on our camping holiday we made the most of it by going to Weymouth beach.

As soon as the tent was pitched, N was pestering me to go to the beach straight away.  So we were there late afternoon when the people had thinned out.

Beach days in Weymouth Dorset - Bubbablue and me
Weymouth beach
Beach side stall at Weymouth

N loves the beach.  Bucket bought, he was then happy to potter, build castles and dig sand, and paddle collecting water.

playing on the beach

With the beach being really shallow into the sea, I was happy for him to go and collect the water in his bucket he wanted, but I did get a tad worried when I saw him exploring up to his thighs!

water in his bucket in the sea
paddling in the sea at Weymouth
running on the beach

The next day was a bit drizzly on and off, so we headed to Weymouth Sealife Centre in the morning, and then to the beach in the afternoon to meet the others.  It turned out that the seagulls had been swooping in for food, taking a sandwich from one of the younger girl’s hands.  I was astounded how on a packed out beach they could pick out exactly those people who were eating.

Sand castles on Weymouth beach

N was happy enough to stay for a while after the others left so there was lots more castle building and digging.  Annoyingly the seagulls were still swooping in to grab dropped chips from earlier so we didn’t stay long.

overseeing the sea at Weymouth
Making bottom tracks in the sand at Weymouth

We did manage to fit in another afternoon on the beach.  This time, after a seagull biscuit snatch from one of the girls, we learnt our lesson.  When we arrived at the beach, the other kids were being hidden under a golf umbrella in rotation so they could eat their lunch.

Playing in the sand by a windbreak at Weymouth beach

I bought a pop up beach tent so at least we could eat in peace, and a couple of the older kids ate in there as well.  They are great, but with the wind that week, the tent pegs weren’t really staying in the sand.  It was lucky we had plenty of bags to keep it down (and my bottom!).  When you see how much paraphenalia people bring to the beach (chairs, windbreaks, tents, buckets, spades, food, towels, body boards, wetsuits etc), it makes you shudder that there’s not really parking near the beach.

One day we debated using the park and ride, but with only 2 bags to take and a picnic rug, it was still too much hassle doing park and ride.  The traffic in Weymouth is horrendous, so the park and ride does make sense (or using the train from Lodmoor Country Park) if you’re going to be there a while and travel light (or have older kids to load up too).

We also had an evening walk and play along Weymouth beach on one of our last nights of the week.  The farming lot had arrived and we decided we wanted to have fish and chips by the harbour.  With 25 in total (8 families), it was a mission to say the least.

Firstly it was a chance for an evening walk along the sand.  The kids had a huge jellyfish at the edge of the sea, pointed out to them, so that created some interest.

The camping rabble take to the beach

The girls were looking for seashells, while the boys took over someone’s sand boat, before a brief paddle in the sea.

Playing with a friend in the sand

Then we walked the length of the beach towards the harbour.  There was the Armed Forces volleyball tournament on the week we were in Weymouth, and we watched a little before putting shoes back on to walk along the harbour side and find some fish and chips.

Off to watch the Royal Forces volleyball at Weymouth

We’d had a recommendation of a place by one of the bridges.  It was a bit of a trek, and fairly late for the children, but they loved being out with the lure of fish and chips.  When we arrived we realised we’d be fighting off the seagulls again as they hovered by the side of the harbour.

Seagull overseeing Weymouth harbour

Because there were so many of us, and the increased cost, we’d presumed there wouldn’t be room inside.  There weren’t many free benches, and they felt a bit out in the open for the predatory birds, so most of us found alcoves, a shop door and step, and just sat along the shop fronts.  Nothing like classy and making the place look messy, but at least the children felt safe and more hidden from the seagulls.

Fish and chips on the streets in Weymouth

It was lovely having an evening walk.  All the children walked nicely, there were questions about the bridge being raised, and then we were able to see it.  The fish and chips were a nice meal off cooking. And we got to see The Last Supper – in sand, which was advertising the Sandworld displays.

Last Supper sand carving display

Some of the others weren’t fussed about Weymouth beach because it was just so busy, and because of the stalker seagulls, but out of peak hours once the crowds had headed off, it was really nice to hang out there.  The sea’s shallow enough for toddlers, although the those with older kids found Ringstead Beach really good (although shingle, not sandy).  It was quieter, better for older children to swim and surf or body board, but there’s the downside that you have to head back up top to the café and for the toilets, rather than them being conveniently on the beach side.

We’ve been quite lucky this year, having had 2 beach holidays, both which had reasonable to good weather, but I’m sure N would love to return given half the chance.

Do you live near the sea, or have you been away this summer to the beach?  What’s your favourite beach activity?

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  1. We went to Weymouth Beach today, its such a lovely mix of sand and stones. I like the stone end as I like to hunt for sea glass! (Of course we had fish and chips too!)

  2. The beach is the best fun! Lovely snaps!

    Visiting from Coombe mill as a fellow linky blogger.

  3. Camping trips and beaches definitely go hand in hand, I remember as a child had a knee deep in the sea was the closest we came to a bath. Weymouth certainly looks busy that’s obviously because it is the beautiful beach and having toilets close by is essential with young children. Our favourite beach is Polzeath, it sounds very similar being very busy in August and plagued by seagulls as soon as you purchase your fish and chips, yet by 5.00 PM the crowds are leaving and it comes into its own. Glad you’ve got to see Weymouth at some quieter times too. Thank you for sharing on Country Kids.

    1. I’m with you. Yes it’s lovely to be there in the warmth and middle of the day, but it’s so nice when it’s emptier too (and nice for photos!). Thanks for stopping by Fiona.

  4. We’re really lucky to have beaches in North Wales and on The Wirral a car journey away and my boys are regular beach visitors especially with my parents. Love the Sand Sculpture! I have to confess I’d like the beach more if it weren’t for the wind at times so great idea to use a tent AND to keep those seagulls away. They can be quite big and scary!!! 😀

    1. Hi Kate,

      Ooh lucky, I’d love to be nearer the beach.

      The wind is a pain. It was pretty breezy when we were there whihc isn’t great for setting up, packing up, and eating. But it doesn’t really bother the children. Thanks for stopping by

  5. We were at the beach today, but a lake beach, not the sea! We’re hopefully heading down to Cape Cod next week and I’m looking forward to some beach time there, and we went to a lovely beach in Maine last weekend 🙂 We’re having a busy summer! You’ve got some really lovely photos of N enjoying the sand and the sea, perfect summer fun x

    1. Thanks Sara. You’re really lucky being so close to beaches (of all sorts). There’s a big water park near us, mostly for water sports, but they have a beach too, so must take him there.

  6. We love time on the beach. So many different activities. Fun to meet up with friends. I always find that the children make so many new friends on the beach too. It wouldn’t be a seaside holiday without fish and chips on the beach. #CountryKids

    1. We were lucky because we were with all the other kids. I’m not sure n would talk to others, he’s usually happy just to do his own thing. Although he does seem to ‘collect’ other children who come over.
      thanks for stopping by Cheryl

  7. Wow that sand sculpture of the Last Supper is amazing! Weymouth is such a wonderful place to visit and sounds like you had an amazing time. I love the photos of N having fun paddling in the sea and collecting water in his bucket and that photo of the beach shop with all the colourful buckets and windmeals is gorgeous too – just sums up summer beautifully 🙂

    1. Hi Louise,
      Yes, I really wanted to go to Sandworld and see all the displays but N wasn’t keen and there wasn’t time in the end. I have to admit that as a group, we spent a lot of money in that shop what with beach tents, buckets and spades – we brought ours from home, but N still wanted a new bucket to add something different!

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